What do you do for life 1

What are you doing with your life

Jiddu Krishnamurti | Elisabeth Liebl

Who am I? What do I expect from life? What is it that defines me? One of the greatest philosophical teachers in the world offers his inspirational wisdom on how to overcome life's many hurdles, from relationships and love to fear and loneliness. It addresses major issues in life and reveals the best way to be true to yourself.
Krishnamurti has been read by millions of people from all walks of life and shows us that there is no one way, no higher authority, no guru to follow, but that it is ultimately our own responsibility how we shape our lives.
Krishnamurti was an Indian philosopher and theosophist. He did not claim any allegiance to any caste, nationality or religion and was not tied to any tradition. He traveled the world and spoke to large audiences until the end of his life at the age of 90. He said that man must free himself from all fear, conditioning, authority and dogma through self-knowledge.


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Photo credits: Ditty_about_summer, shutterstock.com | Photography taken by Mark Edwards. Copyright (c) 1984, Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, Ltd. Reproduced with permission.