Sansa loves her siblings equally

Sophie Turner wants Game of Thrones to give Sansa Stark a friend | 2021

Sophie Turner recently told Entertainment Weekly that Sansa's next love interest should be a woman. "In the GoT universe, I think she has to swing the other way - because the man thing isn't working for her," she said, suggesting "Margaery" or "Arya" because that's what I want to do see. "

As far as Game of Thrones, LBGTQ relationships have mostly been recorded in brothels with girl-on-girl scenes. We've also seen Melisandre use her body to seduce men and women alike, and we've seen Oberyn Martell express his delight for both sexes. “When it comes to war, I fight for Dorne. When it comes to love, I didn't choose sides, ”he said.

Loras Tyrell had the show's most famous LGBTQ relationships, first with Renly, who has passed away. then with Olyvar, who betrayed him to The Faith. We haven't seen a LGBTQ relationship that is healthy and positive - although in all fairness Game of Thrones healthy and positive heterosexual relationships are just as short-lived.

A Sansa Margaery relationship could be a fascinating path, and it would keep Sansa going to undermine the Disney princess. But because Margaery will never stop her ambitions for the throne and Sansa has nothing to do with it, their relationship would be similarly destined for tragedy.

And while sexuality is a spectrum, we haven't seen any signs of Sansa swinging either way - it would be a major pivot point for the character. Podrick could be a better choice for lovers that she would be well suited to.

In the past, George R.R. Martin publicly expressed his reluctance to include gay characters "just for the sake of it".

I've had letters from fans who particularly want to feature an explicit male sex scene. Most of the letters are from women. I won't do it just to do it. If the act lends itself to when one of my points of view is in a situation, I don't shy away from it, but you can't just put things in because everyone wants to see them.

If the show sticks to Martin's vision then it's very unlikely that Sansa will get a two-pronged storyline. As for a relationship between Sansa and Arya - although incest goes without saying in Game of Thrones, a strong girl doesn't sleep with her sister. It is known.

Thanks to the words of Sophie Turner, the sound you hear is the stringing together of thousands of keyboards found in a Sansa / Margaery fan fiction.