What does liquid boil

Preparation: cooking

Cook is initially only the heating of liquids to their boiling point.

In a broader sense, cooking means cooking food using boiling liquids or steam.

In the broadest sense, cooking is the process of preparing meals in the kitchen. This does not include baking, the production of cold salads and the preparation of cold beverages. However, frying is part of it, even if there is often no water involved.

Etymologically, cooking comes from the Latin. coquere = boil, cook and coquus = Cook. The expressions are derived from and related to this cook and kitchen.


Cooked vegetables can

  • can be served immediately
  • be tossed in a little butter
  • with a sauce, e.g. B. B├ęchamel sauce are bound
  • can be processed into a stew with a little broth
  • be pureed
  • can be processed into salads

Leaf vegetables are put in boiling salted water in an open pot, root vegetables in cold salted water. Root vegetables cook much longer. Vegetables with very short cooking times can be rinsed in a bowl with cold water to preserve their aroma and color.

Aluminum pots should not be used for asparagus and artichokes. Color and taste suffer as a result.

If the temperature is just above the boiling point of the liquid, it is called a simmer.

From hot to warm

(the temperature data refer to water at normal air pressure :)