What is the scariest sound

It's not for nothing that hotels are repeatedly used as locations for horror films - in reality, too, a lot of weird and deeply disturbing things happen there. On the “Reddit” discussion platform, users have compiled their scariest experiences.

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The strange guest

“During my time as a night porter, I've learned that it's not the weird noises that drive you crazy at 3am. There was once a guest who walked aimlessly through the lobby and changed seats in the breakfast room every two minutes. Later he went to his room and the fire alarm went off - the fire brigade had to come to put out a fire in his room. He had set the garbage can on fire. I later saw that he had moved all the furniture too. And: Even though he came alone, he had distributed children's clothes all over the room. ”- Reddit user Loco_Mojo


“I don't work in a hotel, but I travel a lot for work. The most inexplicable thing here was that when I was finally about to sleep after a long day, I heard loud noises from the room above me. It sounded like someone was dragging tables and chairs across the floor. At first I tried to ignore it, but the noise lasted a full two hours. At some point it was enough for me and I called the reception. They sent security, but it turned out that no one lived above me at all. ”Reddit user Blue_Pig

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The kind rich man

“My mother used to work as a maid in a hotel. Once she had to deal with a guest who stayed for a long time in the most expensive suite in the house. There was a constant 'do not disturb' sign on his door - she and her colleagues were not allowed to clean it for more than a month. But he paid well and was particularly nice to all employees. One day he was just gone - he must have checked out, even if nothing was known at reception. Since the sign was gone, my mother went in - she immediately noticed a bad smell. The whole room looked bad, but the smell was coming from the closet. There was a cardboard box there - with the rotting head of a young woman. My mother ran out of the room and passed out in the elevator. It later turned out that the victim was a prostitute. ”Reddit user voteforbetti31

Attack in the pool

“I worked as a pool boy in a hotel in Florida. After a particularly severe cyclone, I had to fish out all the dirt with a net. A girl who lived in the hotel asked me after a while if the pool was usable again - I just pointed to it and said, 'Do you really want to go in there?' She insisted on at least keeping her legs clean. After a few seconds I saw something suddenly swam towards her. There were about ten of those things! The critters can eat turtles and the whole pool was full of them. ”- Reddit user CDC_