What clothes should people with gynecomastia wear?

Gynecomastia in Stuttgart

Under one Gynecomastia one understands the excessive growth of the mammary gland in men. The breast is very pronounced in gynecomastia and can therefore look downright feminine. Often the gynecomastia has hormonal reasons or is due to medication, which is why the causes should always be clarified in consultation with the treating doctor. Breast growth can be unilateral or bilateral. As a rule, only aesthetic plastic surgery can help to remedy the gynecomastia.

When does the treatment of gynecomastia make sense?

For those affected, the so-called Man breast often a considerable burden. Those who suffer from gynecomastia are often inhibited in dealing with other people and restricted in their leisure activities. At the latest when those affected are so ashamed of their breasts that they withdraw more and more from their surroundings, they should think about a treatment for gynecomastia. It is not uncommon for those affected to find their appearance unattractive, so that they neither wear tight clothing nor want to show themselves with a bare upper body (e.g. on the beach, in the sauna). However, many men are also quite pragmatic on this subject and seek advice on surgical options as soon as they are bothered by gynecomastia.

Preparation for gynecomastia surgery

Before treating a man's breast, it is important to identify the causes of the enlargement. For this purpose, a personal consultation takes place in the practice or the clinic. At the appointment, the patient expresses what bothered him and what change he would like. He also describes any complaints and symptoms that may be present. Based on this information and a physical examination, the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery determines the appropriate treatment. Gynecomastia is usually corrected surgically. The expert will also explain the exact preparation and the subsequent aftercare in an individual consultation.

Different forms of gynecomastia

Basically two forms can be distinguished in the male breast. In "real" gynecomastia, hormonal changes or disorders usually lead to the mammary gland growing. The exact triggers have not yet been conclusively clarified. Breast growth often begins after puberty.

The second possible form is that Lipomastia, also called "spurious" gynecomastia or Pseudogynecomastia referred to as. Her mammary gland is not enlarged, but stubborn fat deposits have accumulated in the breast area. Often it is a result of being overweight, but it can also have genetic causes and thus also affect slim men.

Other underlying diseases (e.g. tumors) rarely lead to breast growth in men. Nevertheless, it should be clarified in advance that the enlarged breast is not a symptom of another disease.

In addition, certain drugs or cosmetic products can trigger gynecomastia. These options are also taken into account and examined by the specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery during personal advice. The causes are often clarified in close cooperation with the treating family doctor.

How does gynecomastia correction work?

The treatment technique depends on the type and characteristics of the male breast. Genuine gynecomastia is usually treated surgically by having a plastic and aesthetic surgeon remove the breast tissue. A small, inconspicuous incision on the edge of the areola is often sufficient. If necessary, this incision can also be used to slightly tighten the breast after the breast reduction in order to give the breast its contour. In some cases, additional liposuction is recommended to reduce any fat deposits and to achieve a harmonious transition on the edges of the breast.

If, on the other hand, there is an increase in fatty tissue in the breast area (lipomastia), the enlarged breast is corrected by liposuction alone. An additional skin tightening is usually not necessary. The suction cannula is inserted into the tissue through tiny incisions in the skin in order to permanently remove the interfering fat cells and reduce the size of the breast.

Anesthesia and stay

Gynecomastia surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, but liposuction to eliminate pseudogynecomastia can also be performed under local anesthesia. The doctor and patient discuss the exact procedure in advance. The gynecomastia operation usually takes place on an outpatient basis or with an overnight stay in the clinic. A longer stay is usually not necessary.

What should you watch out for after the gynecomastia operation?

An inconspicuous compression vest must be worn under clothing for six weeks after the procedure. It is used to keep postoperative discomfort as low as possible, to minimize pain and to support the natural shape. Physical rest is recommended during the first week after gynecomastia treatment. Above all, heavy lifting should be avoided for the time being. In addition, it is advisable to prefer the supine position when sleeping, as the chest is thus more relieved than in the prone or side position. Patients should avoid sport and vigorous physical exertion for about six weeks. Light sporting activities, on the other hand, are possible earlier. In case of uncertainty, patients can of course contact our experts at any time.

Are there any risks with gynecomastia surgery?

No surgical procedure is completely risk-free. Even with experienced aesthetic plastic surgeons, there is a residual risk of complications such as wound healing disorders, infections or noticeable scars. However, the risks are reduced to a minimum with the experts. Lighter symptoms after gynecomastia surgery, such as temporary swelling, redness and bruises, are more common. Itching, feelings of tension and sensory disturbances (e.g. on the nipple) are also not uncommon. Most of the time the side effects subside on their own in the course of the healing process. The swelling of the surgical area can be supported by adequate rest and regular cooling.

Can the man's breast emerge again?

The result of corrective treatment for gynecomastia or lipomastia is usually permanent. Neither the removed mammary gland nor the removed fatty tissue will be able to regenerate after the operation. However, patients should follow a healthy lifestyle to best support the results of the operation. The remaining fat cells can continue to increase in volume. In addition, a healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on the entire body, fitness and mind.

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