Why are Amazon devices so cheap

Unexpectedly cheap: Amazon sells Echo devices at a bargain price

The Echo Dot is one of the absolute top sellers on Amazon. Various models are currently extremely reduced - up to 50%.

The smart speaker Echo Dot is one of the most popular Amazon devices ever. Thanks to the integrated Alexa voice control, this device can do so much more than an ordinary loudspeaker: switch lights on and off, control door locks, play music, answer questions, read the news and the weather report, set an alarm clock - all of these and many other functions combine Device in a compact design. The device is currently heavily discounted on Amazon.

Amazon sells Echo devices at unexpectedly low prices

Currently there are 4th generation of the Echo Dot - the latest model - a whole 25 € cheaper. Instead of the usual, you currently only pay € 34.99 for the smart speaker. Overall you save 42%.

The new Echo Dot (4th generation) | Smart speaker with Alexa | anthracite

If you want it even cheaper, the 3rd generation of the Echo Dot be ideal. There are no major differences to the latest model. The functions of both devices are very similar, but the newer model is significantly larger and should convince with better sound quality. In return, the 3rd generation is much cheaper. You can currently get the speaker for € 24.99 instead.

Echo Dot (3rd gen.) Intelligent loudspeaker with Alexa, anthracite fabric

The device too Echo Show 5, which, in contrast to the other two devices, also has a screen, is greatly reduced: instead it costs just € 54.99. You can also use the device with the 5.5 inch monitor as a small TV for video streaming via Amazon Prime or Netflix, or you can use it for video chats.

Echo Show 5 - Stay connected through Alexa, White

And also the larger version, that Echo Show 8, was reduced by 35%: It currently only costs € 84.99 instead of. The device has an 8 inch HD display.

This is what the Echo Dot (4th generation) can do

The smart speaker from Amazon can do a lot more than just play music.

Voice control for entertainmentStream from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and many more. You can also make calls with the voice control.
Voice control for smart homeSwitch lights on and off, adjust thermostats, control door locks and much more with just your voice.
NetworkableIf you have several devices in different rooms, you can connect them to each other. So you can z. B. announce that dinner is ready.
AlexaAlexa answers questions on all topics, reminds you of calendar appointments or sets a timer.
SoundBalanced bass reproduction for rich sound
privacyThe Echo speaker has a microphone off button. You can also view, listen to or delete your voice recordings at any time.

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