What are some tourist attractions outside of Tagaytay


7 attractions in and around Manila

Colorful, lively and exotic - in the capital of the Philippines, European and Asian cultures merge into a unique cultural mix. The metropolis is surrounded by a lush tropical natural landscape. What should you definitely not miss when visiting Manila?

  • 1. Quiapo Church

    Although the original Quiapo Church burned down, the place of worship is still one of Manila's main attractions. The basilica is best known for its black statue of Christ. It is carried every year in a large procession through the streets of the Quiapo district.

  • 2. American Memorial Cemetery

    Manila was under US colonial rule for over 40 years. This American war cemetery with its 17,206 graves commemorates the American soldiers who died in World War II.

  • 3. Pagsanjan waterfall

    If you are in the mood for nature then visit this wild waterfall. It is two hours outside of Manila in the middle of a jungle area. You can swim under the waterfall and canoe through the waters.

  • 4. National Museum of the Filipino People

    In this part of the Philippine National Museum you can immerse yourself in the eventful history of the Philippine nation - from the Paleolithic to the colonial rule of the Spaniards to the 20th century. Your ticket also gives you entry to the National Art Gallery.

  • 5. Rizal Park

    The 60 hectare park was named after the poet and national hero José Rizal. Stroll through the green oasis and marvel at the huge Rizal Monument.

  • 6. Taal

    Did you know there are active volcanoes in the Philippines? On this volcano you can hike up to the crater and cross the associated Taalsee with various means of transport. Don't miss out!

  • 7. Coconut plantation Villa Escudero

    This coconut plantation is an important part of the local agriculture. Learn about the local sugar cane and coconut trade, watch birds and go exploring in the rural village.

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  • When is the best time to travel?

    The rainy season is in July and August. It is hottest in May. The temperatures then rise to over 32 degrees Celsius. The months of January and February have the mildest climate and there is less rain.

  • How do I protect myself from crime?

    Avoid scammers and thieves by only getting help from people you know. Keep your valuables hidden and avoid dark areas.

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  • Best travel time
    Book your vacation in January or February to avoid rain and intense heat. The climate is then a little milder.