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#PayNowEatLater Buy voucher & save local businesses

Not only we as private individuals are affected by the Corona crisis. Sure, after months of abstinence, it would be nice to see the crew again in real life and not just via FaceTime. But what should become of all the local businesses? From your favorite shop, whose existence is seriously threatened by Corona? One thing is clear: at this time, we as consumers have to unite and support our Munich restaurants. To make this possible for us, four clever minds from the food industry launched the #PayNowEatLater initiative: All you have to do is buy a voucher and redeem it after Corona.

For the love of diversity

Patrick, Malte, Niclas and David are not only friends but also colleagues in the food world. All four of them founded their own companies out of a love of culinary diversity, quirky bars and cozy cafes. In order to maintain this diversity in times of Corona, encourage us consumers with #PayNowEatLater to make a contribution and to be active. And it works like this: By buying a voucher online and redeeming it "in the post-Corona period", you can financially support your favorite restaurants, bars, cafés and boutiques and save them from extinction. The proceeds go to the respective partners so that they can pay their employees and cover running costs. “We see it as our responsibility to give something back to the people who give us a lot of joy every day and to support them in such difficult times,” explains Patrick. We think: a nice and important idea!

So do you guys

Are you an operator yourself and need support? You can easily register for the campaign online and become part of #PayNowEatLater. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and describe your individual situation - oh yes and draw attention to the initiative on social media so that even more people can participate!

#PayNowEatLater is an initiative by Foodguide, Insider Tip, Urban Guru and Taste Tours.