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1 Textbooks Basics for Engineers Natural Sciences Technical Basics

2 MATHEMATICS Hans-Jochen Bartsch Pocket book of mathematical formulas for engineers and natural scientists 22nd, revised edition pages. 500 figs. Flexibly bound. 22.90 [D] ISBN For generations of students at technical colleges and universities, the handy paperback was and is a useful companion through their studies. It contains integral tables with almost 600 indefinite and definite integrals. The material is general - prepared in an understandable way and clearly structured. Numerous examples illustrate the abstract mathematical formulas in their application, whereby emphasis is placed on an understanding of the fundamentals. An additional plus: In many cases, the book is admitted to the exam! In the 22nd edition, the introductory chapters have been revised and the chapter on probability theory and statistics has been completely rewritten. Hans-Jochen Bartsch Pocket book of mathematical formulas for engineers and natural scientists Special edition of the 22nd, revised edition pages. 500 figs. Flexibly bound. 22.90 [D] ISBN The special edition for women also contains a service section with addresses of associations and groups as well as internet addresses and career tips especially for female engineers and scientists. »I recommend the book to my female students because it is very comprehensive and well structured. The paperback contains one of the most extensive collections of integral tables and the numerous examples make the theory very easy to understand. «Prof. DR. BEATE JUNG, HS FOR TECHNOLOGY AND ECONOMY, DRESDEN FACULTY OF INFORMATICS / MATHEMATICS Hans-Jochen Bartsch Small Formula Collection Mathematics 5th, updated edition approx. 256 pages. 150 ills. approx. 12.90 [D] ISBN Frank Paech Mathematics vivid and entertaining pages. 311 Fig. 52 Tab. Four-colored. Bound. 29.90 [D] ISBN This interdisciplinary popular science book is ideal for preparing for a scientific or technical degree and supports students even during the early semesters. The focus is on learning through understanding. The contents are not structured as strictly as in a "normal" textbook, but are arranged according to their application. So is z. B. the differential and integral calculus spread over several chapters. The author is concerned with conveying connections, not with memorizing formulas. Important terms, definitions and mnemonics are highlighted. The book is therefore very suitable for self-study. The numerous colored illustrations help to keep a humorous distance from the work that is not always easy. The frustrated nose man serves as a figure of identification for the learner. 2

3 MATHEMATICS Jürgen Koch, Martin Stämpfle Mathematics for engineering studies pages. 500 ills. Two-tone. Bound. 34.90 [D] ISBN This book contains the basics of mathematics for a technically oriented course. All essential topics are summarized in one volume and geared towards the requirements of a bachelor's degree. Access to mathematical facts is provided through understandable derivations, colored graphics and carefully selected examples. Much emphasis is placed on clarity and transparency in structure and language. The analytical approach is complemented by numerical methods. It shows how problems can also be solved with the help of the computer. Many chapters contain a section with selected applications. A small collection of formulas and brief portraits of some important mathematicians in the appendix complete the presentation. The book is also suitable for self-study. All examples contain the calculation method with intermediate steps and illustrations. Numerous tasks on understanding, computing technology and applications serve to deepen and prepare for exams. Rolf Socher Mathematics for Computer Scientists With applications in computer graphics and coding theory pages. 92 Fig. 6 Tab. Bound. 24.90 [D] ISBN Don't be afraid of mathematics! This book conveys in a clear and application-oriented way the mathematical content that students need for their computer science studies, especially at universities of applied sciences. Great emphasis is placed on the practical relevance of the mathematical content. The tools required to solve this task are developed on the basis of a specific task. So who explains the topics of linear algebra with regard to applications in computer graphics. Time and calendar calculation tasks as well as cryptography serve to illustrate the modular arithmetic. Numerous examples, exercises and programming tasks contribute to understanding the material. Siegfried Völkel, Horst Bach, Heinz Nickel, Jürgen Schäfer Mathematics for Technicians 6th, updated edition pages. 468 Fig. Bound. 29.90 [D] ISBN Werner Helm, Andreas Pfeifer, Joachim Ohser Mathematics for economists A textbook and exercise book for bachelors approx. 500 pages. Boxed. approx. 29.90 [D] ISBN Designed for basic training in business and finance mathematics, this book covers the subject matter for the first semesters in one volume. With the help of approx. 300 calculated examples and 250 tasks with solutions, you can consolidate the knowledge you have acquired through practice and apply the knowledge you have acquired. Following a concept that has been tried and tested in many courses, you will be introduced to modern financial mathematics using MS Excel and get to know linear and non-linear optimization using SAS. You can find the solutions to the tasks on the Internet, there are graphics and other tasks as PDF files for lecturers. The book is aimed at students studying industrial engineering and economics at universities of applied sciences as well as students at vocational academies. 3

4 MATHEMATICS Richard Mohr Mathematical formulas for studying at universities of applied sciences Pages. 240 Fig. 25 Tab. Boxed. 14.90 [D] ISBN The collection contains the most important formulas for selected areas of mathematics for students of engineering and business administration subjects at universities of applied sciences and vocational academies. Formulas are made transparent for the user through examples. Sketches and diagrams simplify the application to specific questions. The formula collection is used to look up exams, to support you in solving exercises, to refresh your mathematical knowledge and to prepare for exams. From the content: Logic, arithmetic and elementary algebra Financial mathematics Vector calculation Linear algebra Elementary and analytical geometry Functions Differential and integral calculations Difference equations Series Fourier analysis and integral transformations Michael Knorrenschild Numerical mathematics An example-oriented introduction 4th, updated edition pages. 23 Fig. Boxed. 14.90 [D] ISBN This volume covers the most important topics in numerical mathematics: Basics of floating point arithmetic, numerical solution of equations and systems of equations, interpolation, equalization calculation, numerical differentiation and integration, as well as the basics of numerical solving of initial value problems Differential equations. The book is aimed at undergraduate engineering students (Bachelor). The aim is to familiarize you with the essential principles and algorithms of numerics. The terms and methods are precisely formulated and their background is illustrated. Evidence is dispensed with in favor of a large number of examples and exercises. This makes this volume particularly suitable for self-study and exam preparation even without an accompanying textbook. Peter Tittmann Graph Theory An application-oriented introduction 2nd, updated edition pages. 113 Fig. Boxed. 14.90 [D] ISBN Graphs are mathematical models for network-like structures in nature, economy and technology. The graph theory not only plays a major role in mathematics education but is also of great importance in computer science, economics, chemistry and engineering. The first eight chapters of this book cover the basics of undirected graph theory. After an introduction to the linguistic usage of graph theory in the first chapter, planar graphs, independence, coloring problems, the relationship between graphs as well as trees and circles are further focal points. The last chapter deals with the topic of directed graphs. This introduction to graph theory emerged from a series of lectures on graph theory for students of computer technology and applied mathematics at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. 4th

5 PHYSICS Horst Kuchling Taschenbuch der Physik 20th, updated edition pages. Flexibly bound. 22.90 [D] ISBN The extremely successful paperback of physics is a compact and competent reference work. Its success is based on the author's decades of teaching experience. 1.7 million copies printed so far are proof of this. The reference work, which is indispensable for study and practice, provides precise information about all sub-areas of physics, contains all the important physical formulas and laws, provides quick information about units of measurement, natural constants and material values, supplements the text with extensive two-color illustrations and is an excellent aid for self-study and preparation on exams and exams is suitable for students of all disciplines at technical colleges and universities, but also for pupils, teachers and lecturers. Helmut Lindner Physics for Engineers 18th, updated edition pages. Bound. 34.90 [D] ISBN This physics textbook, which has been tried and tested for a long time and is already one of the "classics", is an important aid for basic engineering courses, as it can also be used as a reference work due to its structure and as a repetition and refreshing existing knowledge. Mathematical derivations are limited to what is necessary. Of particular importance are the many calculated, practical examples that enable the reader to quickly recognize connections and to prepare for exams and exams. Helmut Lindner Physical Exercises 35th edition pages. 352 Fig. Boxed. 14.90 [D] ISBN The collection of exercises contains a total of 1201 exercises taken from technical practice with solutions from all areas of physics. Jürgen Zeitler, Günter Simon Physics for Technicians 6th, revised edition pages. 417 Fig. 26 Tab. Bound. 34.90 [D] ISBN The textbook is suitable for training and further education in technical professions, for technical colleges and for students in the preliminary stages of technical technical high schools. However, it can also be used by anyone who wants to deepen or repeat their physical knowledge. In 16 chapters, the book conveys essential basic knowledge from mechanics, thermodynamics, electrics, vibration and wave theory as well as atomic and nuclear physics in a clear, easily understandable way without the use of higher mathematics. The clarity and comprehensibility is supported by numerous illustrations, calculated examples and 328 exercises. Johannes Rybach Physics for Bachelors 2nd, updated edition pages. 301 Fig. 19 Tab. Bound. 29.90 [D] ISBN A very clear, well-structured book without any theoretical baggage. 5

6 PHYSICS / CHEMISTRY Heribert Stroppe PHYSICS for students of natural and engineering sciences 15th, updated edition pages. 359 Fig. 25 Tab. Bound. approx. 29.90 [D] ISBN The basic physical textbook is compactly structured according to the basic models of physics: particles, continua, heat, fields, waves and quanta. Highlighted mnemonics make exam preparation easier, numerous calculated examples and exercises serve for self-control. The appendix contains an error calculation. Suitable for students of technical subjects at universities and technical colleges. Heribert Stroppe Physics Examples and Tasks Both volumes contain numerous technology-oriented tasks with completely calculated solutions for basic physical education for students, especially engineering courses at technical colleges and universities. The books are an excellent complement to the textbook and are tailored to introductory lectures. Volume 1: Mechanics - Thermal Science 4th, updated edition approx. 160 pages. 150 ills. approx. 14.90 [D] ISBN Volume 2: Electricity and Magnetism Oscillations and Waves Atomic and Nuclear Physics 3rd, updated edition pages. 153 Fig. Boxed. 14.90 [D] ISBN Rudi Marek, Klaus Nitsche Practice of Heat Transfer Basics Applications Exercises 2nd, updated and expanded edition pages. 548 Fig. 50 Tab. Bound with CD. 34.90 [D] ISBN This lecture-accompanying exercise book guides you through the basics of heat transfer and explains them in detail using numerous applications and examples from practice. Parallel to the main text, there is a continuous column of explanations and illustrations to explain the topics clearly and to overcome mathematical hurdles. The CD contains the solutions to the tasks as well as sample programs. Jens Bliedtner, Günter Gräfe Optiktechnologie Basics Process Applications Examples 2nd, updated edition pages. 415 Fig. 104 Tab. Bound with DVD. 39.90 [D] ISBN »This is a very successful book that covers all important aspects of optics production, especially, but very interesting.« Design & ELEKTRONIK, MAY 2010 Karl Schwister Taschenbuch der Chemie 4th, updated edition pages. Flexibly bound. 24.90 [D] ISBN The entire basic knowledge of chemistry in a paperback. It offers a compact, understandable and practical overview, which is divided into the four classic sub-areas of chemistry: General chemistry Inorganic chemistry Organic chemistry Analytical chemistry The paperback was designed on the basis of curricula for chemical education at technical colleges and also creates connections to related subject areas. It is suitable as a compact, interdisciplinary reference work on all important topics in chemistry as well as on individual material values, properties and the use of the most important elements and compounds. The book can also be used very well for repeating learning material and for preparing for exams and exams. 6th

7 TECHNICAL BASICS Kurt Gieck, Reiner Gieck Technical Formula Collection 32nd, updated edition pages. Bound. 20.90 [D] ISBN With more than formulas, this book is an indispensable, practical reference work and aid for students and engineers, in general for basic and advanced training in technical subjects, especially in the fields of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. For generations, the compact book has proven itself as a constant companion in training and practice, and the famous blank pages are quickly filled with personal notes from the user. From the content: Units Areas Solid Arithmetic Circular functions Geometry Statistics Differential and integral calculus with differential equations Statics, kinematics, dynamics Hydraulics Heat stability Machine elements Manufacturing Electrical engineering Control engineering Chemistry Radiation physics and optics Environmental engineering Tables Karl-Friedrich Fischer Pocket book of technical formulas 4th, revised edition pages . Flexibly bound. 24.90 [D] ISBN The tried and tested paperback contains formulas, tables and overviews of all important basic technical areas. It provides quick and precise information, is clearly structured and is also used to look up technical terms. It is ideally suited for exam preparation and for exams. A book for engineering students, technical students and engineers in practice. In addition to the representation of quantities and units, formulas from the following subject areas are included: mathematics, physics, technical mechanics, materials technology, technical thermodynamics, thermal engineering, fluid mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics, control technology, measurement technology, machine elements, energy technology, manufacturing technology 831 Fig. 265 Tab. Bound. 59.90 [D] ISBN The one for engineers and students in all technical fields. The clear structure makes orientation easier and offers a quick and reliable overview. Practical examples and calculations loosen up the content. The most important definitions, equations, terms and parameters of the respective area are included. An extensive register helps you look it up. "... A must for engineering students, technicians and engineers in practice." AN EXCITED READER Horst-Walter Grollius Technical drawing for mechanical engineers Pages. 172 Fig. 18 Tab. Boxed. 19.90 [D] ISBN The textbook explains the basics for the creation of technical drawings and documentation up to computer-aided work. Standardization is taken into account. 7th

8 TECHNICAL BASICS 8 Jörg Hoffmann Taschenbuch der Messtechnik 6th, updated edition pages. 478 Fig. 62 Tab. Flexibly bound.29.90 [D] ISBN The paperback of measurement technology covers the entire field of electrical and non-electrical measurement technology, conveys knowledge in a compact and structured manner, contains many examples from measurement technology practice, provides overviews of formula symbols, units and conversions, contains a comprehensive, subject-specific structure Bibliography. Reinhard Langmann Pocket Book of Automation 2nd, revised edition pages. 379 Fig. 92 Tab. Flexibly bound. 29.90 [D] ISBN The clear knowledge repository for all automation-related problems. In addition to classic areas of knowledge, points of contact with IT are also presented: PC-based controls, field buses, robotics and AI systems, component-based programming and simulation. Ulrich Stein Entry into programming with MATLAB 3rd, newly edited edition pages. 162 Fig. Boxed. 29.90 [D] ISBN This textbook is aimed at engineering students in their first semesters and the choice of material is based on a two-semester lecture on applied computer science. It is suitable for both newcomers to programming and those switching from other programming languages ​​such as C. Using the programming language integrated in MATLAB, the author systematically conveys the basic knowledge of programming and project management. It is demonstrated in detail how data and measured values ​​can be represented graphically and how graphical user interfaces are created. Building on this, numerous applications from engineering and natural sciences deepen the knowledge and introduce the advanced numerical methods of MATLAB. Examples, numerous illustrations and exercises on the material promote understanding. Gerd Junge Introduction to technical fluid dynamics pages. 102 Fig. 12 Tab. Boxed. 24.90 [D] ISBN Are you looking for a comprehensible approach to technical fluid dynamics and fluid flow machine construction on the basis of basic physical knowledge? On the basis of basic terms that are largely familiar from physics training, the complex relationships for flowing fluids are gradually developed in this textbook and made comprehensible with the help of numerous calculation examples. Many exercises help to understand the relationships. The book is aimed at undergraduate engineering students at technical universities, colleges and vocational academies, as well as at master's degree students. However, engineers and technicians in practice are also addressed. Horst-Walter Grollius Basics of Hydraulics 5th, updated edition pages. 137 Fig. Boxed. 24.90 [D] ISBN

9 TECHNICAL MECHANICS / THERMODYNAMICS Wolfgang H. Müller, Ferdinand Ferber Technical Mechanics for Engineers 3rd, revised edition pages. Numerous images. Bound with multimedia CD »Technical mechanics with mechanima teach«. 29.90 [D] ISBN A book for the bachelor's degree in technical mechanics. It is characterized by a new layout and the subdivision into core competencies and additional knowledge for the sub-areas of statics, strength theory, dynamics, continuum mechanics and energy principles. The book can be used to accompany lectures, but is also very suitable for self-study. On CD: learning system for self-study, multimedia prepared learning content, exercises, videos, simulations and animations Wolfgang H. Müller, Ferdinand Ferber exercises on technical mechanics 2nd, newly edited edition pages. Boxed. 24.90 [D] ISBN Coordinated with the textbook, this practical book offers numerous tasks with possible solutions and solutions. Ulrich Gabbert, Ingo Raecke Technical Mechanics for Industrial Engineers 6th, updated edition pages. 301 Fig. 16 Tab. Boxed with DVD. 29.90 [D] ISBN Industrial engineers must have a secure basic knowledge of technical mechanics and competence in assessing technical solutions in order to be able to carry out calculations and make correct decisions in their work. The textbook follows the classic tripartite division of technical mechanics into statics, strength theory and dynamics. The content corresponds exactly to the two-semester basic course in technical mechanics for industrial engineers and focuses on the essential core competencies of the subject. It can also be understood with less advanced mathematical and engineering knowledge. The book is a textbook, exercises and formulas in one. With the help of the DVD, the reader can understand the material step by step. It contains the complete book content as a PowerPoint presentation, excellent color graphics, animations and videos. Günter Cerbe, Gernot Wilhelms Technical Thermodynamics Theoretical basics and practical applications 16th, updated edition pages. 213 Fig. Boxed. 29.90 [D] ISBN »This study book can be counted among the standard textbooks for thermodynamics. [...] The textbook has proven itself for almost 40 years and has been constantly updated through regular new editions. New developments could be continuously taken into account. «Gaswärme INTERNATIONAL, JAN./FEB Gernot Wilhelm's exercises in technical thermodynamics 4th, updated edition pages. Boxed. 19.90 [D] ISBN Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar, Ingo Kraft Small collection of formulas for technical thermodynamics 4th, updated edition pages. Boxed with 2 supplements. 14.90 [D] ISBN

10 BWL & MANAGEMENT Jürgen Härdler Business Administration for Engineers Text and practical book 4th, updated edition pages. 167 ills. Bound with CD. 34.90 [D] ISBN This basic work offers a complete overview of the entire spectrum of business administration in a concise and clear form with various interfaces to engineering. The textbook and practical book is aimed primarily at students of bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering and industrial engineering at technical colleges, universities and vocational academies with business administration in their basic studies or as a minor. The 13 chapters are written in an easy-to-understand manner and are visually appealing thanks to the many illustrations and tables. Study objectives are formulated for each chapter and contain examples, control questions and exercises. A separate part of the solution to the exercises completes the study aids. In addition to the tasks, the enclosed CD also contains the complete answers and solutions in a separate section. Arno Alex Voegele, Lutz Sommer Cost and profitability calculation for engineers Cost management in engineering approx. 350 pages. Boxed with CD. approx. 29.90 [D] ISBN A well-founded understanding of how costs arise and how they can be influenced is essential for engineers today. In addition to the fundamentals of cost accounting, the book also contains knowledge of cost management, i.e. In other words, by recording and distributing the costs to the products as well as influencing the costs at an early stage in the context of the creation of new products. Georg Möllerke Modern English for Mechanical Engineers An entertaining training book 2., revised. and expanded edition pages. 50 fig. Boxed with MP3-CD. 24.90 [D] ISBN »Technical English doesn't have to be dry. This training book shows how this can be done with interesting, highly practice-related texts. «METALL, 12/2010 Hans-Peter Wiendahl Operations Organization for Engineers 7th, updated edition pages. 262 Fig. Boxed. 34.90 [D] ISBN In a concentrated, systematic presentation, this tried and tested textbook conveys the basic technical and organizational knowledge that is necessary for the management of industrial companies. The author explains the essential corporate functions and their interaction in the course of product creation and order processing against the background of current developments. This includes customer and employee orientation, the alignment of business processes with the value chain and embedding in a global environment including ecological aspects. Based on the organization, planning and management of the entire company and its legal framework, there is a detailed description of product planning, development and construction, operational information, work preparation and factory planning, production planning and control and quality management. Examples and numerous illustrations show the practical implementation. 10

11 MATERIALS Wolfgang Bergmann Material Science 1 6th, updated edition pages. 309 Fig. Boxed. 34.90 [D] ISBN This textbook covers the entire field of modern materials technology. It builds on the valid physical-chemical principles and takes into account the needs of today's engineering practice. In an easily understandable and concise form, the book also explains complicated relationships and an almost unmistakable wealth of facts and data. Numerous images and clear diagrams enable you to quickly grasp, learn and find the material again. Josef Reissner Material Science for Bachelor's pages. 541 fig. Four-colored. Bound. 29.90 [D] ISBN The book contains the basic Bachelor course in materials for students of technical subjects at universities and technical colleges. It deals with the structure and properties of all material groups: metals, polymers, ceramics, glass ceramics, glass and composites. Wolfgang W. Seidel, Frank Hahn Materials Technology Materials Properties Testing Application 8th, revised edition pages. 381 Fig. Boxed. 24.90 [D] ISBN In this easy-to-learn form, the chemical and physical basics of metallic and non-metallic substances, their structure, the properties derived from them and their testing are dealt with. In addition to important construction materials, including composite materials, the topics of corrosion and corrosion protection are also presented. Examples deepen what has been learned, learning goal-oriented tests (with solutions) serve to check the knowledge acquired. The volume is suitable for students of technical subjects at universities of applied sciences and vocational academies, for prospective technicians as well as for participants in advanced training events. "Anyone who wants to deal with the basics of materials technology in a clear manner will be well served by this didactically well-organized textbook." , MAY 2010 Burkhard Heine Material testing Determination of material properties 2nd, newly edited edition pages. 363 Fig. Boxed. 29.90 [D] ISBN The choice of the right material for a component depends on the stresses it will be exposed to. This is the only way to ensure that no damage occurs. In the first part of the revised textbook, methods are presented that enable the representation of the internal structure of a metallic material and the resulting non-mechanical properties. The second part deals with the determination of the mechanical properties. I want more! Would you like to be regularly informed about new textbooks from Hanser Verlag? Then subscribe to our monthly textbook newsletter. Simply register online at: / newsletter 11

12 MACHINE ELEMENTS Karl-Heinz Decker, Karlheinz Kabus Decker Machine elements Function, design and calculation 18th, updated edition pages. 871 Fig. 334 Tab. Bound with volume of tables and DVD. 34.90 [D]. ISBN This textbook, which has been tried and tested for decades, presents the most important machine elements in a compact and understandable manner, which is also ensured by the two-color design of many of the illustrations. Each individual group of the machine elements is dealt with in a self-contained manner, so that the reader can work through the respective area independently of others. The attached volume of tables contains number tables and diagrams, the attached DVD Excel worksheets and calculation programs that cover the most important machine elements. The work is equally suitable for students at technical schools, vocational academies, technical colleges and universities. Karl-Heinz Decker, Karlheinz Kabus Decker machine elements tasks 14th, updated edition pages. 404 Fig. Boxed. 24.90 [D] ISBN Karlheinz Kabus Decker machine elements formulas 5th, updated edition pages. 96 Fig. Boxed. 14.90 [D] ISBN The two volumes are coordinated with the textbook and offer an excellent addition to it. But they can also be used independently. +++ You can find more information about the books on the Internet at +++ Salutation First name Last name Street / P.O. Box Country / ZIP / City Date / Signature Yes, I hereby order: Expl. Title ISBN Prices: These are the German, bound - Prices indicated. They include the applicable VAT. Subject to errors and price changes. As of 08/2011 Subject to change 554/89055