What are the best natural makeup brands

Natural cosmetic make-up: what you need to know and our top 5 brands

Whether against impurities, pale skin or after a long night - foundation, concealer, powder & Co. quickly help you regain a beautiful complexion. Especially those who use make-up on a daily basis should take a look at the ingredients. Because conventional products often contain a range of questionable or even harmful substances.

Natural cosmetic make-up not only conjures up perfect skin, but also additionally cares. Nevertheless, natural make-up has to assert itself against some prejudices. Many have concerns as to whether natural cosmetic make-up can really keep up with conventional make-up in terms of coverage and durability.

We are convinced: Once you have found the right organic make-up for your own skin type, natural cosmetics are in no way inferior to conventional products. On the contrary: It not only conjures up a perfect nude look, it usually comes too without animal testing and with purely natural ingredients out.

With natural cosmetics, this does not come into the tube

The best thing about make-up in organic quality is that it also cares for the sensitive skin on the face with valuable oils such as shea butter, almond oil or olive oil. But it not only contains natural ingredients, but also dispenses with those that are neither healthy for the skin nor good for the environment.

You can find an overview here questionable substancesthat are taboo in natural cosmetics, but are often found in conventional products:

  • Parabens and Phthalates. Both are used as plasticizers and are suspected of being hormonally effective.
  • Paraffins - the beautiful word for crude oil - not only pollute the environment, paraffins also clog your pores and can thus promote impurities.
  • Silicones, which are also often made from petroleum, seal the skin and prevent it from absorbing nutrients. This will make it dry out quickly.
  • Synthetic fragrances and preservatives can trigger contact allergies, irritate the skin and lead to redness.
  • formaldehyde is a solvent that is one of the supposedly carcinogenic substances.

It goes without saying that we don't want these chemical substances in make-up. After all, they easily get into the body through the skin of the face and can cause irritation and redness precisely where they are supposed to be concealed. Reason enough to use natural cosmetic make-up. But be careful: natural cosmetics are not a protected term.

So that you can be sure that your make-up really does without the named critical ingredients, you can use these three seals as a guide: NaTrue, Ecocert and BDIH. You can find out which criteria the seals meet in our article on natural cosmetics.

Buy natural cosmetic make-up: Our top 5 brands

Whether you prefer the natural look or like to put on elaborate evening make-up: Decorative natural cosmetics have everything to offer from mascara to BB cream, blush, lipstick and eyeliner. We present our favorite brands for organic make-up:

1 Dr. Hauschka

Natural look or intense glow - with Dr. You don't have to choose Hauschka. The range of products and colors of make-up certified as organic cosmetics is large. New in the range: the creamy foundation with mineral pigments and medicinal plant extracts.

tip: If you're prone to blemishes, try the Color Correcting Powder from Dr. Hauschka. With the composition of selected color nuances you can correct redness and hide shadows.

A large selection of make-up products from Dr. There is Hauschka in Alnatura stores or online, for example in the Green Shop.

2 Lavera

At Lavera you will find a large selection Lipsticks with mineral color pigments. From fresh pink to muted nude tones to classic red, everything is included. For a smooth complexion and beautiful skin, there is also a liquid foundation enriched with hyaluronic acid - but only in four different skin tones. All Lavera products come with the NaTrue seal certified.

Would you like a little more glow? Then the mineral eyeshadow palettes from Lavera are just right for you.

You can also get make-up from Lavera in Alnatura branches as well as online for example at Puravita.

3 And Gretel

Attention beauty fans: The Berlin natural cosmetics manufacturer Und Gretel offers particularly high-quality and luxurious natural cosmetics at. The great thing: You can get foundations and concealers here in the Nuances from porcelain to mocha. A colorless compact powder ensures a beautiful finish for every skin color.

But lips and eyes are not neglected either: At Und Gretel you get eye shadow in (almost) all colors of the rainbow as well as creamy lip gloss and color-intensive lipstick.

Particularly luxurious: The products are among other things with valuable Avocado oil, Chamomile extract and Clary sage enriched and their colors owe to mineral pigments. They are certified with the BDIH seal.

You can get the products directly in the Und Gretel online shop - even minus VAT.

4 Zao

The natural cosmetic make-up from Zao scores across the board. Ingredients such as shea butter, apricot kernel oil and ginko extract ensure that the make-up not only conjures up a flawless complexion, but also nourishes the skin intensively. The colors come from minerals and botanicals and all cosmetics are made vegan.

Photo © Instagram @zaomakeup_official

Zao even uses natural bamboo for the packaging and there are some products in the Refill pack. From flattering BB Cream to foundation, powder, eye shadow and lipstick, you will find everything your heart desires here - and everything with a trustworthy one Ecocert certification.

You can get Zao products online, for example in the Green Shop.

5 sante

Sante proves that high-quality natural cosmetics do not have to be expensive with a wide range of make-up NaTrue seal. From concealers to highlighter, the brand offers everything for an even complexion. But the selection of mascara, eye shadow and lipstick is also very large.

You can get make-up from Sante, for example in Alnatura stores or online at Mr. Vegan.

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