What if Michael Jackson joined Queen?

The "Queen of Pop" Madonna is said to have once advised the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson to "dress like a girl" for a music video - at least that's what songwriter and music producer Kenneth Edmonds claims.

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Edmons, who is also known as "Babyface" as a producer and is responsible for some of the biggest pop hits by Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton and Boyz II Men, told of the incident between the two music greats as part of his appearance on the entertainment show VERZUZ of producers, songwriters and artists compete against each other in various “battles” via Instagram Live.

Edmonds played in the course of the competition Michael Jackson's song "In The Closet", which he had once co-produced. He then remembered a story from Jackson, in which Madonna is said to have advised him to dress more feminine. Jacko is said to have been indignant about this suggestion,"Babyface, can you believe that she wants me to dress like a girl!", quotes Edmonds Jackson and continues: “He said, 'I would never do that. He said, 'She tried to change everything. It was crazy ’... He was very upset about it."

Jackson and Madonna should have originally worked together on "In the Closet", which appeared on the 1991 album "Dangerous". Jackson had asked her to write a lyrics based on the title, which probably alluded to the opposite of some kind of coming out. In an interview with ROLLING STONE at the time, Madonna said:“I started to write down words and various ideas, but when I presented them to him, he didn't like them. I think all he wanted was a provocative title. Ultimately, he didn't want the content of the song ... to somehow live up to the title ”.