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Podcasts are media files, i.e. audio or video files that can be subscribed to. The principle of this form of media, which emerged on the Internet about 10 years ago, is comparable to blogs: With "podcasting", however, texts and / or images are not published at (more or less) regular intervals on a website, but - as here in "Zeit für Wissenschaft "- audio files. The directory of all available files or broadcasts is called "Podcast Feed", which is usually an RSS feed that is also known from other contexts (e.g. news subscription).

The main characteristic of these podcasts is that they can be subscribed to. If you have found a podcast and don't want to miss a new issue, you can either visit the website regularly or choose a much more pleasant and, above all, more practical or portable "variant: the podcast client. A podcast client is a program that automatically creates new episodes of a podcast "Captures". These programs are therefore often referred to as "podcatchers" and are often used in the form of apps for smartphones or tablets. New episodes of the podcast are automatically downloaded using this program and can then be listened to anytime, anywhere.

There are a variety of different podcast clients: Depending on user behavior and devices, the right program can be selected. Here are some examples:

If you click on the links under "Subscribe", these programs open automatically, ask for confirmation and synchronize the feed with your Podcatcher.

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