How to clean a beige couch

In addition to leather sofas, sofas with microfiber covers have conquered the world of living. They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. The fabric feels comfortable and is quite durable. Of course, you are never protected from stains on the sofa. A little carelessness is enough and there is an unsightly stain on the fabric. But how can you clean the microfiber couch? In the following you can read how to get your microfiber sofa clean again. You can choose from regular cleaning agents, but you can also clean the microfiber couch with glass cleaner.

You can quickly throw your clothes in the washing machine. This is of course different with the sofa. Of course, you can hire a professional cleaning company to clean the couch, but this is relatively expensive. You save money by cleaning the microfiber sofa yourself. Regardless of whether an overturned glass of cola hit the fabric or it just got greasy over time: You have to be careful when cleaning the microfiber sofa.


Cleaning the sofa step by step

Regardless of whether you want to clean the microfiber couch with glass cleaner or use some other means - please note the following things:

  • Clean sponge: Only use a clean sponge * that is dampened.
  • Wiping direction: Always wipe against the grain.
  • Working method: Clean the surface from seam to seam to avoid edges and water marks.
  • Distilled water: Always use water with little lime, otherwise there is a risk of limescale stains. Don't hesitate to reach for distilled water *.
  • Dry well: Gently rub the dampened areas with a dry cloth.

Choose detergent

The cleaning work should be done carefully and with the right background knowledge, otherwise you may only worsen the stain. Here is how the cleaning work works.

Glass cleaner

It might sound amazing, but you can clean your microfiber couch with glass cleaner *. This helpful cleaning agent is easy to use and you probably already have it in your cleaning cupboard. It is available for little money in the drugstore and is also suitable for very stubborn stains. The following instructions will help you to clean the microfiber sofa with glass cleaner:

  • Spraying: Spray the glass cleaner on the affected areas on the sofa.
  • Let absorb: Let the glass cleaner take effect briefly.
  • Edit stain: Gently wipe the stain from the outside in with the sponge. Use the cleaning brush * for heavy stains.
  • Dry: Rub the fabric almost completely dry with a gauze * or other absorbent material.

You will be amazed at the success you can achieve when you clean your microfiber couch with glass cleaner.

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Other home remedies

You can remove stains from the microfiber couch with a wide variety of cleaning agents. Here are the classics for cleaning sofas:

Prevention: Keep the sofa clean

Only mindfulness will protect you from an overturned glass of Cola on your sofa. However, there are stubborn stains that can appear over time simply through carelessness. To prevent your microfiber couch from looking greasy in the first place, you should vacuum it regularly. The best way to do this is to use the upholstery brush of your vacuum cleaner. Then brush the sofa thoroughly in the direction of the stroke. So it continues to feel soft. For every day you can also use a throw *, which is available in countless color variations.

You can use the tips above to remove stains from your microfiber couch. It looks like new afterwards. Regardless of whether you are going to clean your microfiber couch with glass cleaner or with another cleaning agent, follow the cleaning instructions. This is the only way to prevent dirt or water marks.

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The article was published on March 18, 2018.