Why is my newborn's stomach gurgling

Liquid belching in babies

If your baby is well fed and thriving, a medical problem is unlikely. Babies who simply burp and have no other symptoms do not need to be examined either. A doctor's visit is necessary if your baby

  • spits very often, is noticeably pale, does not grow and does not gain weight as it would be normal for his age.
  • Has pain - then he cries a lot, screams or often arches his back.
  • coughs, gasps and clears his throat frequently. This could be a sign that the baby's esophagus is irritated by stomach acid.
  • not only spits after a meal, but also when it is sober.
  • vomits like a gush: the gastrointestinal muscles cramp up and the food is spit out again in larger quantities and with a certain amount of pressure.
  • Has diarrhea and a fever at the same time: If babies lose too much fluid, they can dry out quickly and this can be dangerous for them.

In a few babies, liquid regurgitation can indicate a serious problem, such as premature babies and infants with conditions that delay their development. Frequent spitting can be a sign of bowel malformations, for example. In this case, the baby is also likely to vomit more often and have gastrointestinal cramps that can be felt or seen. Rapid medical attention is important when these symptoms occur.

The symptoms can also be caused by reflux disease. The backflow of food can damage the esophagus or cause respiratory diseases if food gets into the lungs.