John Oliver goes to Wrestlemania

WWE in mainstream criticism! Veteran before WWE exit? Cena Update (WWE News, Wrestling News)

HBO presenter criticizes WWE. During the last edition of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” the host was critical of WWE. He addressed the athletes' inadequate health insurance and the large number of wrestlers who died early. WWE is already responding to the criticism, stressing that the health of the performers has the highest priority. In the statement, Oliver was invited to see it for himself at Wrestlemania. Many former WWE wrestlers, including Jim Cornette, CM Punk, Gail Kim, and Colt Cabana, all agreed with Oliver's statements.

Another wrestler before the WWE jump? In an interview with, Rhyno revealed that his contract expires in July and it is still unclear whether it will be extended. Rhyno himself is not yet sure if he sees his future with the WWE.

Beware of RAW spoilers

On RAW, Finn Bálor confirmed that he will perform at Wrestlemania with his Demon gimmick.

Cena continues to be slated for Wrestlemania. Despite its absence during the last Raw edition before Wrestlemania, it is still assumed that Cenas will appear at Wrestlemania. This should already be in New York. It is still unclear what role he could play in Wrestlemania. It is speculated, however, that he could interrupt Elias during his segment.

Spontaneous change for WrestleMania? According to internal sources, the program for Wrestlemania is already in print. However, there should be another unannounced change. This creates organizational difficulties. It is not yet known whether the change is the aforementioned Cena appearance, another match or a new stipulation for an existing match.

According to information from Dave Meltzer, the outcome of the segment between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins was changed again shortly before the broadcast began. So Vince McMahon decided at short notice to make Seth Rollins look stronger in this segment so that he would be a more believable opponent for Lesnar at WrestleMania. The remedy for this was a lowblow.

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