Who is crazy Trump or De Niro

Robert de Niro on Donald Trump: "Too stupid to know he's angry"

Robert de Niro is a man of clear words. The actor lived up to this reputation again. The target of his criticism was, as so often before, US President Donald Trump.

Robert De Niro was actually in London to celebrate the premiere of his new film "The Irishman". But the production by director Martin Scorsese, which premieres on November 27th on Netflix, faded into the background. The reason for this was once again De Niro's harsh criticism of US President Donald Trump.

The 76-year-old railed against Sky News: "Trump is a monster. He's a monster without even realizing it, he's just too stupid for that." The actor went on to rage and said, "We're going to have a problem if we don't get rid of him."

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"He's too stupid to know he's bad"

De Niro continued to rumble about the US President: "He said there was a famous quote about the everyday and banality of evil. And he is too stupid to even know that he is evil." The actor blamed Trump for allowing "evil to surround him". De Niro said: "He may not initiate any evil, but he will allow it."

Robert De Niro has always been known as one of Donald Trump's toughest critics. It wasn't until the end of September that he got angry with CNN and said about the impeachment proceedings against Trump: "He'll say that it's all smeared, everything is wrong. This guy has done everything that can be done, and that much worse than me ever thought it possible. The day after his inauguration, I thought, 'Give him a chance. You never know.' But it's worse than I thought. "

Source: teleschau - the media service