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OneRepublic, “Oh My My,” 2016

Following the release of their third album Native, which entered the Billboard 200 at number 4 in 2013 and was to sell over five million times in a very short time OneRepublic crossed the globe several times and spent over two years with sold-out gigs in all corners of the world. The Grammy-nominated band around Ryan Tedder played in as many as 154 cities in 26 countries, which not only cemented their position as global hit guarantors, but also served as a source of inspiration for the five musicians from Colorado: OneRepublic transformed the experiences, impressions and experiences of the many, many tour stops into musical ideas and completely new songwriting approaches for their fourth studio album ...
Oh my my is called the successor to Native (to his greatest hits, among others "Counting Stars" counted, a # 1 success in 54 countries), which was to be created in around 20 different metropolises - including Rio, Moscow, Mexico City, Tokyo, Paris and London. No wonder with so many influences that the band - next to Tedder would be that Bassist Brent Kutzle, guitarists Zach Filkins and Drew Brown, and drummer Eddie Fisher - with every song, new sonic territory marks out and seamless transitions between genres as diverse as alt-rock and gospel, synth-pop and nu-disco, and even folk detours can be heard here. What the songs have in common is their infectious hooks and their stadium suitability: once again OneRepublic Several hymns were written, tracks with huge arrangements and oversized refrains, which nonetheless revolve around contents that seem completely personal and confidential.
The multi-Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer Tedderwho already have sizes like Adele, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé or U2 Has written hits on the body, produced Oh my my together with the bassist Kutzle, Noel Zancanella (Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande) and Benny Blanco (Passion Pit, Charli XCX, Rihanna). By relying on a mobile recording studio, they could OneRepublic The unique energy of the respective places where they just stopped as part of their endless tour, perfectly capture and immediately flow into the overall mood of the long player. Examples include rhythmic clapping that was captured on Red Square, the spirited steps of those flamenco dancers they met in Madrid - or the bells of Big Ben in London. Worked on top of that OneRepublic for the first time with album guests: Peter Gabriel joined them, as did Santigold, the French electro duo Cassius and Romy Madley Croft from The xx.
Even if you can barely capture the (international) outside world on an album, it works Oh my my In the end it is so timeless because it is always about a deeply personal inner world, an inner perspective: Already open "Let's Hurt Tonight" wearing Tedders exceptional voice an epic love song (on a folk basis) when it says: They say love is pain / Well, darling, let's hurt tonight ”. The title song sounds a little less weighty, but at least as irresistible: Together with Cassius present OneRepublic an exuberant, crisp dance track including a lot of synthesizer emphasis and even more bass. And for that already published in advance "Kids" the singer throws a look back at a childhood friendship "Perfect disaster"when reflecting on the great adventure of growing up: "I refuse to look back thinking days were better / Just because they're younger days".
The singer proves in the course of with how much sensitivity he also examines the problems of modern existence in his songs Oh my my again and again. And he is not always alone: ​​Over the beats and synthesizers of "A.I." (the abbreviation for “Artificial Intelligence”) is also the unmistakable voice of Peter Gabriel to hear who thinks about love in even faster social media times over the fast-paced arrangement: "I just want my love automatic." On the other hand, the one that oscillates between elegance and delirium sounds more gloomy "Better", with the OneRepublic Address the forces and pressures that a round-the-clock culture like ours automatically brings with it. The fact that they are looking to the future with hope, says a title such as "Future Looks Good": A thank you from the piano carried by Tedder to his children ("You are the future, and the future looks good."), A few guitars and finally hypnotic beats (one of the greatest percussion players in Brazil was at work here).
How big the tonal range of Oh my my all in all, is evidenced by the alt-rock sound of "Fingertips" - a piece for which also guitar tracks by co-author Romy Madley Croft from The xx were recorded. And finally there would be an album guest Santigold and the common hymn "NbHD"that manages to sound classic and futuristic at the same time. The piano ballad is much more epic and calm "Choke", for the OneRepublic even rely on gospel sounds and thus paint a haunting picture of loss and how to deal with it.
Big emotions and even bigger melodies have always been the hallmark of OneRepublicwho have made her debut album Dreaming Out Loud published in 2007. The band, who grew up in Colorado Springs, then presented their first single "Apologize": the multi-platinum single that should bring you not only a Grammy nomination, but also the title of “the greatest airplay hit in the history of the Billboard Mainstream Top 40”. Two years later they put the album Waking up after - and tied up with the singles "All The Right Moves", "Secrets" and "Good Life" of the success of the debut.
On the last published Native-Album (2013) were among others. the hit singles “If I Lose Myself”, “Love Runs Out”, “I Lived” and “Counting Stars” represented: The latter sold more than 10 million times, and the video for it is one of the 20 most watched clips of all time on YouTube with over 1.4 billion views.
Her newest clip, the video too "Kids", by the way, was created as part of the extensive world trips, namely in Mexico City: The feelgood mood is perfectly underlined by images that were created in a single take - although the “Angel de la Independencia” and the monument to the revolution are not may be missing. Just in time for the release of Oh my my to meet OneRepublic Now the preparations for her next big trip around the globe: The many, many confirmed concerts in the coming year prove above all that Tedder & Co. want to bring the new songs back to the very places where they were created.