How do you believe in karma

Dear Kafi, Do you believe in karma and fate and the like? With the best will in the world, I don't know what to think of it: I've had a Friends with Benefits affair since the beginning of the year. I ran after him all summer and would have done anything to get him into a relationship with me. But he wasn't really interested in me and so at some point I decided to finish with him and continue. Guess what ... from the time I got interested in other men again, he took a bite. It even got to the point that at the beginning of this week he confessed his love to me and I sat there thinking I was in the wrong movie. How often had I wished for exactly that, but now it doesn't affect me at all. Can you perhaps interpret what fate would like to tell me with this prank? Thanks and best regards. Meret, 25

Dear Meret

I believe in the washing power of the Migros budget detergent, the clarity of the Beluga vodka and the excellent customer service of the Swiss Air Rescue. This belief is based on years of experience and has replaced some beliefs that I used to carry around with me.

Of course, I offer my seat in the tram to older people and I bring a wallet I found to the lost and found office instead of pocket it. From this one could conclude that I at least believe in a higher level of justice, but even there I am not sure and I would speak even less of karma and the like.

But if fate really does exist, and for your sake I'm assuming it for a short time, then it probably wants to tell you the following:

Stop chasing a man. That doesn't help. I can sing you a few songs about it with innumerable stanzas. If necessary, backwards too.

Lots of love, your Kafi!

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So you still need a man's answer. As long as he doesn't want and you want, he can be shy and live the non-commitment .... But that's also practical for you, because you don't really have to get involved, or think about (no, feel overly), I want something serious (This word is also faltsch & gt; better pleasure binding close) Now that it comes, it gets hot, the game is over. Let in, thank you, head in your stomach and full throttle. Or was the whole summer just hot air?