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Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Jaeger, LL.M.

Consultation hour

The consultation hour is held on Tuesdays from 11.30 a.m. - unless otherwise announced - in Prof. Jaeger's office. It should be noted that participation is only possible after registering with Ms. Sabine Hagen in advance, stating the purpose of the visit. There are no regular consultation hours during the holidays.

Questions about studies, exams, dissertations and Erasmus

Technical questions regarding the handling of Moodle and e-learning (e.g. for registering and deregistering from courses, deadlines, etc.) please contact the Study Service Center only. Organisational questions and concerns about the courses and exams (e.g. about admission to a course, waiting lists, compulsory attendance and excuses, starting times and cancellation of examinations, etc.) please address exclusively to Ms. Sabine Hagen (organizational assistant Prof. Jaeger)

General organizational questions and concerns about the FÜM I (e.g. schedule, dates ...) should only be directed to the Study Service Center. Please address specific questions about FÜM I in the subject of European law (e.g. permitted materials, inspection ...) exclusively to Ms. Sen. Sc. Dr. Topal-Gokceli. Literature and material delimitation for FÜM I can be found here.

For information on the module examination in section 3, please refer to the subject delimitation. Details on the procedure for the module examination in European law with Prof. Jaeger can be found in the examiners' check of the FV Jus. NB: Attending the exercise with Prof. Jaeger and a (positive) certificate obtained there are the ideal preparation for the oral examination. Attending the exercise is strongly recommended.

Here you will find general information on seminars for graduate students and theses and seminars for doctoral candidates. You can find the basic rules for writing seminar papers in law here.

Information on doctoral theses with Prof. Jaeger can be found here. Please make appointments for a meeting exclusively through Ms. Sabine Hagen.

Erasmus students can find information here.

curriculum vitae

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaeger, LL.M., studied in Vienna, Paris and Leuven and held positions at UNHCHR, EUIPO and as a trainee lawyer. From 2003 he was assistant for European law at the University of Salzburg, from 2007 a speaker at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich. From 2013 he represented civil law chairs at the Universities of Hanover and Munich. He has been Professor of European Law at the University of Vienna since 2016. His main research interests are European business law, in particular the internal market and competition.

Short academic résumé


You can find additional information on teaching here.


Current publications and lectures.

Austrian Society for European Law

The European Law team at the University of Vienna is closely linked to the Austrian Society for European Law (ÖGER). The ÖGER was founded in 1988 as a scientific association. She accompanies and comments on the development of EU law from an Austrian perspective and is a member or the Austrian sub-organization of F.I.D.E. (La Fédération Internationale Pour le Droit Européen).

For the 2018-2021 term of office, the ÖGER board consists of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Jaeger, LL.M. (President), Univ.-Prof. GDR. Thomas Ratka (Vice President), ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Siegfried Fina (Secretary General) and ScSc Dr. Suzan Topal-Gökceli (Treasurer).

Click here to go to the ÖGER website

Click here for the FIDE website

If you want to join the association, please fill out the membership form.

The membership fee is currently € 20 per year. We recommend setting up a standing order (you will receive account information with the confirmation of membership).