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We asked men from all over Germany what they like

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We recently asked five women what they find attractive in other people, what their biggest turn-offs are and whether they might even sleep with someone because their Instagram is so sexy. And of course we also ask the boys what we want to know from the girls.

Six men of different sexual orientations from all over Germany answered our questions and talked about the sewing box: Do they prefer breasts or butts? Should a woman shave her legs? What about humor and what makes women with alcohol so attractive?

VICE: Hi Ben, do you have a certain type?

Ben: I like tall, slim women with beautiful faces. Preferably with dark hair. If they are tattooed then, perfect. When it comes to clothes, I think it's best if, like me, they only or mostly wear black. Do you think women should shave their legs?
To be honest, I've never really thought about it before. Don't they do that automatically?What do you find unattractive?
Bad and crooked teeth do not work at all. And if she has no style. Nothing really fits together, I mean. I do not like it. Would you go to bed with a woman because you think she is sexy on Instagram?
It's not like that hasn't happened before. The other day I was partying and saw a girl on the dance floor whom I follow on Instagram. I then spoke to her and asked: "Hey, is that you?" That's how we got into, let's say, a conversation ... Do you think there is a lot you can learn about someone from social media?
I would say yes, after all, that shows what the person finds aesthetic and beautiful, and how they portray themselves. This is particularly evident on Instagram. And Facebook, for example, is good for recognizing what kind of opinion the person represents politically, for example. No matter how beautiful a woman, if she represents and shares right opinions, she is through.

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VICE: Hey Phil, what type of woman are you into?
Phil: I don't think I have one, I have to say. Sometimes, however, I have the feeling that "my" type of woman subconsciously changes from time to time - basically blonde first, then brunette again, then blonde again and so on. But it can also be just imagination.

What about height and figure?
I like petite women. I pay less attention to body size. That is probably the other way around. If you look around on Tinder and Co., every few seconds you will be greeted by a cm-accurate indication of your own size or even requests such as "Please no men under 1.85". So somehow it seems to play a bigger role after all.

And what do you dislike at all?
Excessive self-presentation and superficiality, which is based on the number of followers, likes and contacts - in other words "fame". We're all superficial enough these days anyway. I also don't like it when this classic role behavior is demanded or imputed to you. Man has to write to woman, man only wants one thing — the list is unfortunately quite long.

Is there a lot to learn about someone from a person's social media profile?
As trained as our eyes are partly after years of experience from various social networks? Yes. Unless the person really does not reveal any information in public. But mostly after a quick look through a profile you at least know whether the person is taken, what hobbies and which circle of friends they have. It's creepy when you think about it.

How important is a cool Instagram account?
Often a "cool", appealing Instagram account is a factor that makes a person more interesting at first glance. But I think that should be a good mean. If an Instagram account is very busy, maintained very accurately and has a feed with several pictures a day, I automatically assume that the person who belongs to the account is a lot on the cell phone and very much on their appearance on the Internet gives. Which tends to make a negative first impression for me when I'm fundamentally interested in someone.

Would you go to bed with someone because you think their Instagram is hot?
The rest has to be right. You don't go to bed with someone whose Instagram photos are super hot, with whom you don't get along at all on a personal level. In general, such an Instagram account can be a nice foretaste - if everything is really right.

VICE: Hi Jan. What kind of man or woman are you into? Do you have a?
Jan: The main thing is that no normies! But I have to say, I don't have the right type, and that's the problem ... I find some people totally attractive and some not at all. However, it is difficult for me to determine why that is.

What do you dislike, especially optically?
I think that's definitely the standard answer. But I just don't like unkempt people. But who already does that.

Which style do you like in women and men?
I don't prefer any particular style. If you manage to stand out and still look neat, I think that's great. All of my previous partners had their very own style and it suited them very well. I just find it really boring when someone looks completely run-of-the-mill.

Which part of the body do you like most?
It's completely gender-neutral and the same for both: I like asses and I like bellies. Both should be round, handy and attractive. I don't care about the rest either.

What did you learn about yourself through sex?
That would perhaps be the second standard answer, but: Don't always think about yourself. Very important.

VICE: Hey Alex. What do you like most about men's bodies?

Alex: I would say I like the overall construction of the male body. Not something special at all, but the whole.

What do you think of men and hair?
Goes very well together in my opinion. Well-groomed men's hair, wherever it appears, is particularly attractive.

What makes a man appear less attractive?
Arrogant demeanor - sounds clichéd - is really a real turn off for me. A healthy self-confidence is something worth striving for, but if it turns out during a conversation that there is only hot air behind it, the balloon will burst. And when it comes to the appearance: a lack of care is not particularly interesting in terms of appearance or character.

What about attitude? Do you like assholes?
Assholes are often arrogant, I hate that at all, that's why: no, not at all.

What is the biggest turn off for you?
The combination of the two previous answers - so arrogant assholes. Rarely does it happen, but it's creepy. I'm gone

Vice: Hello Thatchai. Do you have the type of woman you like?
Thatchai: I don't have a particular type. It always depends on the person and of course on their character or lifestyle. Of course, it has to suit me. But if I had to pick someone if it was all about looks, I would clearly choose the person who most resembled my mom.

Which style do you like in women?
I like natural women, so as little make-up as possible and as much make-up as necessary. And in that sense, I like a clean, simple style when it comes to clothes. Less color explosion makes women incredibly interesting for me.

What is your favorite part of the body? Team breasts or team bottoms?
Definitely the butt! And not just for women, but also for men. Hey, more ass in your pants for everyone!

What's the strangest thing you think is hot?
Even if it sounds really crazy, but: women with a streak of alcohol. I think that has to do with the fact that the inhibitions are less or completely gone when someone is drunk. You are then simply "more generous" and free.

What do you like in bed
Two naked people who go to sleep arm in arm. It just feels pure and clean. And falling asleep in a retreat with this familiar feeling is simply wonderful. You can find that romantic if you want to. And I think I'm actually a little romantic sometimes.

What do you think about body hair?
For me as a cyclist, body hair is actually superfluous. For normal people, body hair is there to release its own odor. And the natural smell is the best perfume in women, no matter where. If you are well groomed, there is really nothing wrong with body hair for me.

VICE: Hey Leo, do you have a certain type of woman and what does he look like?
Leo: I don't think so, but most of the time you just think so. However, what I find very sexy and what I look for are beautiful teeth and lips. And if I can choose, I prefer dark-haired women to blondes. I think freckles are cute. But I really don't care about clothes, I just like when a woman wears something she feels comfortable in. You can see that in her.

Would you go to bed with a woman because she has an exciting Instagram profile?
In my opinion, Instagram is the most important social media platform at the moment and the way someone presents themselves there can be very attractive. So: Yes, I would, but when it comes down to more, the rest should of course also be right and not just the look.

What would that be for you?
It's nice when you as a couple share the same interests, like the same music or something like that. And I want a friend who is confident. She should also be able to laugh at my jokes. No matter how beautiful someone can be, if she has no sense of humor, nothing happens to me.

Which part of the female body do you like most?
There is always the question: tits or butt. And I'm clearly on the butt team. And as I said, nice teeth and lips. If that's the case, great.

What do you like in bed?
As I said, I'm on the butt team. But now maybe not as you would think. But I think doggy style, for example, is pretty hot.

"Nice guys finish last", right?
I don't think you can generalize that, but I think there's a bit of truth in there. I've seen it myself: there was this girl I was really in love with. But she was - of course - on her buddy, who is a real asshole. After all, she didn't cry about him at me too.

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