A USB mouse with memory and software

Wireless notebook mouse with 1 GB of memory

Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 The Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 can work with 2.4 GHz via Bluetooth or Microsoft's own wireless technology. There is a receiver or transmitter for wireless communication that is connected to the notebook via a USB connector. However, this receiver does not support Bluetooth, so another adapter is required if the notebook does not support Bluetooth. The USB unit also contains the flash memory, which can hold 1 GB of data. This saves the notebook user from having to carry a separate USB stick with them.

  1. OEDIV KG, Bielefeld
  2. PCV Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG, Grevenbroich

The battery of the notebook mouse can also be charged via the receiver, for which a magnetic connection system is used. The USB unit is connected to the mouse with a charging cable in order to charge the battery. It should be possible to continue using the mouse by attaching the charging cable to the underside of the mouse. The mouse works with three AAA batteries and when fully charged, the user should be able to work for more than three weeks.

The optical mouse provides a sampling rate of 1,000 dpi and numerous buttons can be assigned frequently required functions by the user using a driver. Among other things, the Flip 3D function of Windows Vista can be called up with the mouse.

Microsoft wants to bring the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 to the market in mid-October 2007 at a price of 89.99 euros.