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Eminem: reconciliation with mom

Just in time for Mother's Day, rapper Eminem surprises with an emotional video in which he apologizes to his mother Debbie for the serious allegations in earlier songs

Eminem didn't give away flowers for Mother's Day, but something much more personal. The musician ("Lose Yourself") released his new music video "Headlights" on Sunday (May 11th) - an apology to his mom, Debbie Mathers. In the past, the 13-time Grammy Award winner has often talked about his mother and made very negative comments about her in songs like "Cleaning Out My Closet" and "My Name Is". "Irresponsible welfare recipient" were some of the nicer terms he found in his songs for his mother. But apparently that should end. The touching music video seems to seal the peace between the two.

The clip was created under the direction of director Spike Lee (57, "Inside Man"). The fifth single from his album "The Marshall MathersLP 2" was shot from his mother's point of view and shows a woman trying to contact her son and leafing through old photo albums. In addition, the star sings: "Mom, you are still beautiful to me because you are my mom" - after all the arguments, a clear offer of peace. In the song, the 41-year-old also addresses for the first time the exertion his mother undertook to get the son through after the father left the family. The clip also shows some snapshots from the artist's personal photo album. He spoke up on Twitter: "Thank you Spike Lee for directing the video for me. Happy Mother's Day!"

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The Oscar winner comes from a poor background, his mother struggled against her pill addiction during his youth. Life in the spotlight was also not particularly easy for the American, and success also had many downsides. "There are demons in my head that I fight against. I wonder how famous I am and what else I can and can't say," he tried to explain to Rolling Stone magazine in an interview. Eminem became an acclaimed superstar overnight when he released his album "The Slim Shady LP" in 1999 and lost himself in alcohol and narcotics, which further strained his relationship with his mother. "I'm not saying I wouldn't have become an addict if I never got famous. It was more about needing [the drugs] on stage - I can't get along with so many people looking at me," admitted he to. "I always joke that it's one hell of a career choice for someone who doesn't really like attention."

How nice that Eminem used this attention to make peace with his mother.

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