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We're in!

On October 11th, Amateurs' Day will rise for the fourth time. And this year too, some legendary troops are part of the party. For example this one.

Day of the amateurs

Are you the club that is characterized by the greasiest french fries stall, the worst thug or the neatest changing rooms? Do you have the game of your life on October 11th? Are you the loveliest amateurs the football world can imagine? Then register under tagd er a ma teure .de and be there when the football nation's gaze is directed at amateur football!

The Gauls and the Hill of Wrath

BC Huerth Stotzheim - TSV Weiss
(District League B, Rhein-Erft)

The sports field of BC Hürth Stotzheim is located between fields and meadows, courtyards and dirt roads. Surrounded by wealthy competitors who regularly want to poach the best talent, the BCS focuses on solidarity and community. The most important instrument for this: the "Pöbelberg". An earth wall two to three meters high right next to the square. Particularly committed fans and friends gather here to pay homage to the name: “The classic sayings are made, if there are 30 or 40 men on a Tuesday evening, one or the other district league referee can get a little uncomfortable. "

On the day of the amateurs we can look forward to threefold pleasure: Before the 1st men in the district league B play against TSV Weiss, the 3rd and 2nd teams also play in their own stadium. For this purpose, special home rights were exchanged and certain light spectacles were announced. It remains to be seen whether the Pöbelberg can enjoy fresh lawn care again. With a Gallic mentality it should definitely be possible to keep the three times three points in the village.

Let there be light

DJK Vierlinden - SuS 09 Dinslaken
(District League Niederrhein)

Imagine if your own club were promised a modern and shiny new sports facility worth around 4 million euros. The thought of fresh grass pitches, covered grandstands and changing rooms that don't smell of decades-old sweat should make every amateur athlete's mouth water. So also the footballers of SuS 09 Dinslaken. At the end of October last year, the total of more than 30 teams happily evaded the surrounding sports fields, driven by the anticipation of their return at the beginning of September this year. But nothing came of it. Grass pitches, artificial turf pitches, running track, grandstand - everything is ready for use. It's just a shame that the installation of the floodlight system was completely forgotten.

The prestige object of the city of Dinslaken became the laughing stock of the local press, but the association refrains from blaming: "Of course something went wrong, but I don't want to blame anyone," says managing director Tobias Püttmann. In order to set the foundation for the masts, parts of the artificial turf have to be removed again. New target of completion: end of November 2020.

The day of the amateurs will probably be celebrated in a different place again, but you should be used to away games at the game and sports club in Dinslaken by now.