What are some good apps for audiobooks

The best apps for audiobook fans

Audiobooks are ideal for anyone who wants to experience stories but has little time. Thanks to a variety of audiobook apps, everyone has the opportunity to hear what they want and when they want.

Enjoy audiobooks on the go

The stressful everyday life often makes it impossible to sit down on the sofa with a good book and relax. For everyone who still wants to discover stories or learn new things through non-fiction books, audio books offer a simple and flexible alternative. With the help of an audiobook pp, you can load the audiobooks directly onto your mobile phone and listen to them in a relaxed manner. Listening enjoyment is therefore always possible on the go. But since there are now a large number of apps for this purpose, the selection is not easy. In the following, some recommended audiobook apps are presented, including free versions.

Audiobook apps with subscription model

Most of the well-known apps for listening to audio books work with a subscription model in which the user pays a fixed sum each month and in return can select a fixed number of audio books or radio plays. If you are not sure whether the app is the right choice, most of the providers can start with in one free trial month get a taste of it. The subscription can usually be canceled at any time without any problems.


Probably the best known app for audio books is Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon. She is for both Android as well as for iOSysteme and has 200,000 titles to choose from, including audio books, radio plays and podcasts. The provider enables hearing via smartphone, tablet, computer and Amazon Echo. Users can initially enter a 30-day trial subscription which allows you to test the app for free for this period. Due to the cooperation with Amazon is the trial subscription for Amazon primeCustomers are particularly advantageous because they can use the app free of charge for 60 days. Whoever lets the subscription continue afterwards pays 9.95 euros per month.

The registration takes place with a Amazon-Account. If you don't have one, you can register at Audible automatically one. However, the subscription only allows the user to download one title per monthwhich is then saved in your own library. This is retained even after cancellation, so that the downloaded podcasts, audio books and radio plays can be accessed at any time. It is also possible to buy all titles individually at full price.

The app offers some practical functions, such as a sleep function, with which titles can be paused after a set time or at the end of the chapter that has started. In addition, the reading speed can be adjusted and bookmarks can be set.


The platform is now also a little better known BookBeat. she offers audio books only and has only been available in Germany since 2017. As well as iOS as well as for Androidysteme, the app is available free of charge. BookBeat is only possible via smartphone, tablet or Apple watch usable, there is no application for the desktop. The trial subscription runs for 14 days before the customer has to either cancel it or continue it for a fee. Cancellation is possible at any time.

Whoever chooses this provider has it Choice of three different subscription models. The basic subscription is aimed at occasional listeners and costs 9.99 euros per month. In return, the user gets 25 hours of listening, which he can divide into as many audiobooks as he wants. This makes it possible to listen to many different titles. The standard subscription is available for 14.99 euros per month and offers 100 hours of listening. If, on the other hand, you want to hear unlimited, you can opt for the premium subscription for 19.90 euros. This is particularly worthwhile with a family account with up to five profiles linked. Each additional profile costs 4.90 euros. Bookbeat provides audio books in German, English, Polish, Danish, Italian and Swedish. In addition to sleep mode, you can also change the speed or set bookmarks. In addition, users have the option of reading some of the titles as e-books. These are marked with a glasses symbol.


Also offers a good selection of audio books Audioteka. Users can choose from over 40,000 audio books and listen to them on their smartphone, tablet, computer or MP3 player. The application supports both iOS- as well as Androiddevices. Offers for testing Audioteka a 14-day trial subscription.

With the subscription model AudiotekaClub listen to any number of audiobooks for 5.99 per month. Those who have this subscription can also buy and download audio books for 9.99 each. The purchased books are still accessible to the buyer after the subscription has ended. Audiotekaalso produces its own audio bookswhich are available on the platform. This application also offers functions such as adjustable speeds, bookmarks and a sleep mode.


The application Storytel offers a comparable selection of audio books. It can be accessed both as an app for smartphones or tablets and as a platform on the computer. Both Android as well as iOSDevices supported. Users can first take out a free 14-day trial before signing up for Storytel decide. The subscription then costs 14.99 euros per month and allows you to listen to and download any number of titles. In addition to audio books, users can also access e-books. Sorting the titles you want and download is particularly easy. It also offers Storytel the ability to change the speed of the audiobook or to activate a sleep mode.

Listen to audiobooks for free

For all fans of free entertainment, there is also an extensive range of apps for listening to audiobooks. Some providers are restricted to specific areas, such as classics or audio books for children.


Spotify Although it is essentially a music platform, it also has a growing number of podcasts, radio plays and audio books. who Spotify listens on his smartphone, tablet or computer hear all tracks anytime. The app is available for both Android as well as for iOS-Equipment. The trial subscription runs for three months, the costs vary depending on the discount campaign.

The free version of Spotify regularly plays advertisements and does not allow users to skip any number of titles. There is a price of 9.99 euros a month Spotify Premium. It's worth it for students Spotify especially as they only pay 4.99 euros. If you want to listen to and download your audio books offline, requires a subscription for this.

Spotify offers a growing number of audiobooks, but these can be difficult to find because they don't have their own category. Ideally, users already know the title of the audiobook they want, then they can easily find it.


On the platform LibriVox users can listen to over 24,000 free audiobooks, but most of the titles are only available in English. In addition, these are audio books that were published before 1923 and therefore are no longer bound by copyright. The application is available for smartphones and computers, with both iOS- as well as AndroidDevices are supported. Those who use the free version have to be satisfied with well-rehearsed advertising. Users can hear ad-free if they buy the ad-free app for 1.99 euros. The app has a simple structure, but allows you to hide offensive content or activate a sleep mode.


Over 750 free audio books and radio plays are available on the platform Vorleser.net to disposal. The application is available as an app for smartphone or tablet and as an application for the computer. Vorleser.net is for both Android as well as for iOSSystems available. The titles that can be called up are a mixture of books with expired copyrights and new content that have become cheaper due to price promotions, but have to be bought. The platform also produces its own audio books and also offers e-books. Non-copyright titles are free. All audiobooks can be downloaded quickly and easily.


There is a special, free provider for children, the Ohrka called. The platform was funded by the Ministry of Family Affairs and the Federal Agency for Civic Education until 2017. Since then, the platform has been dependent on donations. The platform is only available as a website, there is no app or application for the computer. Ohrka offers titles for different age groups with whom Children learn and be amazed can. Parents can easily download most of the tracks they want and drag them onto an MP3 player or CD. The radio plays are marked with age recommendations so that it can be seen for which age they are suitable.