Why do older cats sometimes become deaf

Is it possible to prevent old age in cats?

A cat's age is influenced by two factors: environmental factors and genetically inherited age. While the genetic factor can only be influenced by targeted breeding, you can increase the life expectancy of your furry friend through a healthy lifestyle and thus also influence old age in cats.

Proper nutrition

Cats are carnivores and need high levels of protein. In addition, the supplementary feeding of vitamin A and taurine is essential, as cats cannot produce the two substances themselves. Arginine and arachnidonic acid are also nutrients that are important for a healthy diet and an old age for your velvet paw.

Sufficient exercise

Exercise is essential for a healthy cat life - science has known that for a long time. Exercise does not always have to mean high-performance sport for your cat. If your cat is able to roam the neighborhood, it will usually be getting enough exercise. However, if you have a cozy house tiger at home, you can lure it with the help of toys or interesting courses. This is how you can prevent premature old age in cats.

Regular health checks

Many senior cats suffer from systemic diseases such as diabetes or kidney problems. Joint diseases such as joint wear and tear (osteoarthritis) are also common in old cats. Regular visits to the vet are advisable so that you can identify and treat these diseases as early as possible. They can help your old cat, for example by giving them painkillers.

A stress free environment

In contrast to adult cats, old cats have weaker immune systems. If they are also stressed, they are even more susceptible to infections and other diseases. This means that old age can also progress faster in cats.

Make sure you have a stress-free environment and avoid animal additions or noisy festivities. If this is unavoidable, you can consider stress-relieving measures such as the use of pheromones.

Brain teasers

It is a normal process for cats' memories to deteriorate with age. However, you can slow down this development a bit by giving your cat brain teasers. Hiding food and offering intelligence toys can strengthen brain performance.