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Sports betting online has more and more fans, but also providers. In order to maintain an overview, Wettportal.com offers the odds comparison for sports betting as the heart of its website. The odds are currently being compared for football, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, handball and boxing, golf, Formula 1 and 6 other sports. In the sports betting offer, not only the odds of the top leagues are taken into account, but odds from all countries down to the lower leagues. Online betting becomes manageable and you can bet the sports bets on offer at the highest odds. The most competent bookmakers, from Bwin to Oddset, compare their odds here and sports betting becomes clear. In the odds comparison, the 50 most important bookmakers are currently represented with their odds.

Of course you can also combine bets and determine the highest odds for your bet combination. By clicking on the corresponding symbol in the "Add to betting slip" row (below the average odds), you can select different games and bets and then calculate which bookmaker pays the highest odds for your combination of sports bets!

The Bundesliga is particularly dedicated to regular game reviews in the sports betting tips. Tips for ice hockey and international games are also often included. Long-time industry experts in the sports betting scene deal with the most interesting bets of the next few days and present special tips and odds. The performance shows the percentage profit or loss of the individual experts. The evaluated sports betting tips are shown with the result in the history.

With the value bets, sports bets are listed with odds that differ greatly from the odds of other bookmakers. You can use the selection fields above and below the odds to choose which odds should be displayed. The default is odds of 1.4 to 4.0, because this is often where the most interesting bets are.

The surebets are about sports betting, where you will definitely win due to the vastly different odds. With surebets you bet on all possible outcomes and always win. As a rule, you have to distribute your stake between 2 (2-way bets) or 3 (3-way bets) bookmakers. The respective possible profit is displayed in%.

And with the Surebet calculator, you can find out in seconds how you have to split up your money in order to definitely win at your sports betting.

The livescore lists the current match results for football from all over the world and tennis, accurate to the second, and you are always in the picture about your sports betting. The livescore shows the intermediate results sorted alphabetically by country. At the top of the goal line, the latest goals from all countries are listed.

Highest quota: Here the highest odds of all listed bookmakers are shown separately. Are you looking for the highest odds from Bwin, Interwetten or Expekt? No problem, here you will find the best offers of all sports bets from your bookmaker.

In the Next Events area you will find a chronological list of the upcoming events and you will be informed which sports betting events will start in the next few hours.

In the Odds Changes section, you can see which bets have been changed particularly often and in the last few minutes. Often a chance to still play good odds with a bookmaker that is no longer offered minutes later.

With the Bookienews you can find out which bookmaker is new to the market, has special promotions or is currently paying an attractive betting bonus.

In the betting blog you can write and publish your own posts on all sports betting topics.

In the betting portal community, every bettor can create his or her tailor-made betting portal. Only the bookmakers and sports selected by yourself are displayed. Surebets and value bets are then only calculated for these bookmakers. The optional newsletter provides regular information on current sports betting or bookmaker promotions. You receive expert tips, betting vouchers and information on special and tested surebets.

There is also the odds history (72h). Here you can see up to 3 days after a sports betting event which odds were offered by the individual bookmakers.

In the betting dictionary, the specific expressions and terms from the world of sports betting are explained and explained.

Under bookmakers you will find information about the bookmakers and betting exchanges listed by us, under betting bonuses the offers for first-time depositors and bettors from bookmakers and betting exchanges.

With our quick search you are immediately at the event you are looking for. Simply enter a search word or just snippets of words and the results will be displayed immediately. With one click you are at your event.

If something is missing from us, just send an email to!

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