What should I mix with scotch

Mixing whiskey - the best recipes and ideas

A classic among the drinks is whiskey. We have put together the best recipes and ideas with what and how you mix it best.

Simple recipes: mix whiskey with cola or soda

Regardless of the country, whether Scotland, Ireland or the USA, whiskey remains a classic for simple mix recipes through to cocktails.

  • Whiskey Cola: The components of Whiskey Cola are already named. You take 2 cl whiskey and 5 cl cola. To do this, add ice to the glass and the mix is ​​ready. If you want to refine the drink, take a slice of fresh orange with the peel.
  • Whiskey Soda: Take some good mineral water, put it in an ice cube tray and freeze it. This will destroy the carbon dioxide, but you will get a more intense taste of the drink. Carbon dioxide irritates the taste buds on the tongue. Otherwise nothing speaks against carbonated soda. Add the amount of soda or ice cubes according to your taste.

A selection of cocktail recipes

With whiskey you can not only make very simple long drinks. There are countless variants of cold whiskey cocktails, but we have also listed a tasty warm version for you.

  • Manhattan: For this classic you need 3 to 4 ice cubes and 6 cl of North American whiskey. Add 3 cl of white vermouth, 2 dashes of Angostura bitters and a cocktail cherry. Mix the vermouth and whiskey with the ice while you add the Angostura bitters. At the end, round off the Manhattan with a cocktail cherry.
  • Colonel Collins: You need an Irish whiskey for this. Take 5 cl of it. Add sugar syrup and lemon juice. Mix 2 cl of sugar syrup with the whiskey. Then take half a lemon and squeeze the juice straight into the glass. Lemon pieces of fruit are welcome to fall into the glass, because they make the cocktail fruity and fresher. Fill the glass 2/3 full with soda. Stir the liquid before adding the soda. At the end, add a cocktail cherry as a garnish.
  • Irish Coffee: The Irish Coffee is an ideal drink for cool autumn and winter days. You need 4 cl Irish whiskey and between 10 and 12 cl coffee. You also need 5 grams of sugar for this. It is best to put the sugar in the cup first before you let the coffee run in. Stir well and pour the whiskey into the coffee while it is still moving. At the end, top off the drink with a cap of whipped cream.

In our next post we will explain how you mix gin and tonic yourself.