Why does France not have a monarchy?

From the monarchy ...

In 1792 the monarchy was abolished in France. How did that happen?

In 1789 there had been great changes in France. From an absolute monarchy in which the king had all power, the country had become a constitutional monarchy. The king's power was now restricted by the constitution (the "Constitution").

The year 1790 brought calm. The money problems were tackled, the revolution was celebrated and the king swore an oath on the constitution, thereby vowing to serve it faithfully. But he was not satisfied with the development and would have liked to have had his old power again. With the support of the Austrian Netherlands, he hoped to return to the old conditions. That's why he tried to escape there. But that failed. He was stopped and taken back to Paris. That was June 20, 1791.

With Ludwig's flight, the revolution split further: some demanded the deposition of the king and the establishment of a republic. The others wanted to keep the monarchy and only further restrict the rights of the king. The question of the removal of the king broke the national assembly, but also the political clubs like the Jacobins. One group around Robespierre advocated the deposition of the king. The majority were more moderate and founded the Feuillants' club. In his palace, however, the king now lived almost like a prisoner.

First, however, on September 3, 1791, the constitution was promulgated, which the constituent national assembly had drawn up in almost two years. The National Assembly now became the legislative and thus the representative of the people of France, the parliament.

Ludwig meanwhile received support from Austria and Prussia, whereupon France declared war on the two countries. When it was discovered that Ludwig was in contact with the enemy, the people stormed the Tuileries Palace, where the king lived, on August 10, 1792, and took him prisoner. He was released from office.

A national convention was elected. This national assembly, now the third, met for the first time on September 21, 1792 and proclaimed the republic. So France was no longer a kingdom.

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