Nutritionists make good profits

Nutritional science studies: all information

Have you completed your studies and are now looking for the perfect job? No problem! Building a career after studying nutrition is actually not that difficult. After all, once you graduate, you can work in a wide variety of fields. Whether as a nutritionist, in research or in the food industry - you can even find a good job as a nutritionist in the pharmaceutical industry. The salary as a nutritionist varies considerably: depending on the position and type of company you work in, you can expect a starting salary of between 1500 and 2500 euros.

Which career in nutrition science you are aiming for depends primarily on your interests, of course. Do you like to cook and love to share your recipes with others and to help them integrate a healthy diet into their everyday life? Then a career in nutrition science where you can advise others is perfect for you. For example as a diet coach. In this industry, you can become self-employed, work for large diet companies or even in gyms that offer nutritional advice.

But a career in nutritional science is not only made in the field of diet cuisine. You also have many other options, for example in the food industry, where you work to ensure that ready-made meals taste delicious or that candies are not only colorful, but also have different tastes.

Basically, your nutrition science career can gain a lot of momentum through the master’s degree. Of course, you can also try a bachelor's on the job market, but the salaries for masters graduate in this industry are definitely a bit higher.