How do I sleep without snoring

snoring Sawed-up nights and what helps against them


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Snoring can not only be an ordeal for a couple - it can also damage the health of the person affected. What are different snoring therapies good for?

Status: April 15, 2021

"Those who can sleep can be happy" - so Erich Kästner in his lyrical medicine cabinet. In this respect, snorers should actually be very happy, because they are asleep. It looks different with those who are wrong. Because they often don't sleep and are accordingly unhappy about it. Almost every third German bed snores more or less regularly. "Professionals" easily manage the volume of a passing truck, much to the chagrin of the partner, who in this case is usually the partner. Because there are more men than women who tend to disturb the peace at night.

Everyone needs a well-deserved sleep

Very relaxed: This is how snoring happens

When we fall asleep, the following happens: the whole body relaxes and with it the muscles of the throat relax. When breathing air flows by, soft tissue in the throat area can begin to vibrate - a common trigger of snoring. The so-called soft palate is particularly easy to set in motion. During the day, this tissue next to the uvula prevents food or liquids from getting into the nose while eating. People with a very wide soft palate are particularly prone to snoring. Other reasons can be: a crooked nasal septum, tonsils that are too large or a misalignment of the jaw.

There are many reasons for snoring at night

Sleeping on your back also makes snoring easier because the throat area is automatically narrowed. Alcohol before bed or medication such as sedatives relax the muscles in the throat and increase the risk of snoring. Obesity can also contribute, because fat deposits also narrow the airways.

When sleep is no longer restful: sleep apnea

In many cases, the nocturnal background noise means a test of patience for the partner, but it is not dangerous. However, loud and irregular snoring can be an indication of what is known as sleep apnea. Sometimes those affected even wake up from snoring. An apnea is when breathing stops repeatedly for several seconds during sleep. The result is an insufficient supply of oxygen to the blood, which can lead to chronic diseases. During the day, those affected often complain of tiredness, headaches and difficulty concentrating.

One night in the sleep laboratory

If you want to tackle snoring, you should definitely consult a doctor. Because in order to be able to decide on the right one among the many forms of therapy, you have to know the exact cause of the unpleasant noises. A night in the sleep laboratory can shed light on the reasons.

Recognize the causes of sleep apnea

Sleep masks prevent breathing pauses.

Losing weight can be helpful: Around 80 percent of apnea patients are overweight. Breathing interruptions can also be avoided with medication or breathing masks that are worn during the night. Other patients opt for a surgical procedure in which the soft palate is made smaller.

Questionable aids for loud snoring

Snoring robs your partner of sleep.

Since normal snoring - without dangerous breathing pauses - is not harmful to health, treatment is not absolutely necessary from a medical point of view, but it could certainly improve the harmony in the partnership. There are now hundreds of aids on the market that should finally bring snorers to rest: nose clips, snoring oils, foam sprays for the throat, snoring pillows, watches that send out electric shocks when snoring noises, bite splints or flashes of light.

Anti-snoring aids are controversial

Anti-snoring splint as a therapeutic option for snorers

Some of these aids cost up to 1,000 euros. Sleep specialists and ear, nose and throat specialists advise against it. Or, if the aids are not too expensive, to try them out. There are usually no clinical studies on their effectiveness. Often they only make the provider richer, but the snorer poorer.

Have the causes of snoring clarified medically

A visit to the ear, nose and throat doctor has a much higher chance of success. Because only a doctor can determine the individual causes of snoring and then recommend possible therapies.

Address the causes of snoring

If the upper airways are narrowed, straightening the nasal septum or reducing the size of the erectile tissue in the nose can improve it. Removing the tonsils or reducing the size of the soft palate can also help. If the jaw is misaligned, a splint may provide a remedy.

In old age women catch up

If nothing helps, little consolation for the suffering women: As they get older, they snore more themselves - and at least they can "fight back" with the same weapons.

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