What can we learn from lazy cats?

8 tips for getting more exercise for couch potatoes among carpenters

Outdoor walkers roam nature and get plenty of variety and exercise on their walks. The situation is different for indoor cats. Over time, they turn into sports grouches and couch potatoes. They just lack the motivation to move. You must first be animated to do so again. Seven tips from our expert.

Especially cats that live alone in the apartment are at risk. They just doze off while their two-legged friends are absent. The lack of movement can no longer be made up. Even in the rest of the time, humans cannot replace the missing cat partner. Cats in a multi-cat household are much more active. They can fully live out their social needs. Therefore cats should never be kept alone.

What you can do for entertainment and to motivate your cat to move more:

Tip 1: Food isn't free

Wild cats have to hunt their prey on a daily basis. Indoor cats are looked after by their owners. But why should the food be free for them?

  • Dry food can be used for a fun game. Throw the chunks and your cat has to "chase" each piece first.
  • Spread small portions of wet food around the apartment.
  • You can also put some bowls a little hidden. Now your cat has to start looking for its food.
  • Forage can stand comfortably on the ground, but it can also only be reached by climbing or jumping.

Tip 2: the right toy for velvet paws and house cats

Playing is fun with the right toys. The cat is particularly fond of hunting games. Are suitable for this

  • Mice filled with catnip,
  • Game fishing rods, balls, ball rails,
  • Intelligence toys and fiddling boards in which food is hidden.
  • The cat can also be animated to run with a laser pointer. IMPORTANT IN THIS: Never shine the laser pointer in your cat's eyes to avoid damage to the retina.

Every game of hunting has to end with a successful loot. If the cat has no sense of achievement, the game quickly becomes pointless for them. Your cat is no longer participating in the game.

Cat toys don't always have to be expensive to buy.

  • Cardboard boxes with rustling contents
  • Rolls of paper with holes from which food falls
  • Lining hidden between towels
  • Burlap sacks in which toys or food are hidden

Even toys you have made yourself can be really fun.

Tip 3: awaken your cat's hunting instinct

Imitate the movements of the prey. Move the fishing rod with zigzag movements. Hide catnip toys (toys that smell like real catnip or valerian) in holes, boxes, or under a blanket.

Tip 4: Your cat should also be in the right mood for the game.

When your cat is dozing or relaxing, it's hard to get her to play. It is better when the cat walks through the apartment or chasing invisible things. Now you can use the urge to move to start a game. (See tip2)

The best time to play is at dusk. At this point the cats go hunting for prey. Now is also the best time to host hunting games.

Tip 5: Always put away toys after playing

Don't leave the toy lying around all the time.
Cats love to play. If a toy is always available, it quickly becomes uninteresting. Therefore, you should always put away a part of the toy. If your cat receives the toy again after a few days, it will be like new and interesting. This will give your cat variety.

Tip 6: take enough time for the game lesson

Cats are particularly empathic beings. Your cat can accurately sense your mood. If you are stressed out or in a rush, she will hardly get involved in a game. It is better to schedule fixed times when you can relax and play with your cat.

Tip 7: have you already clicked?

Cats are intelligent and also want to be kept mentally occupied. So why not learn tricks. The fastest way to do this is with a clicker. With this, the cat learns to jump on platforms, jump through hoops or run around hurdles. With the clicker, the house tiger can not only learn entertaining games, it also gets enough exercise.

Tip 8: movement is life.

This sentence also applies to your cat. Exercise will keep your cat fit and have a long and healthy life ahead of it.