Was Peyton Manning better than Joe Montana

Football legend declares his resignation : Take care, Peyton Manning!

As a precaution, you can keep a space free in the showcase in Canton. The city in the US state of Ohio has been home to the hall of fame of the National Football League (NFL) for years, and the next candidate for a gold-plated likeness is a "no-brainer," as the Americans say. A sure-fire success, beyond any doubt.

On Monday, Peyton Manning ended his great career as an NFL quarterback, at the tender age of almost 40, he will be able to deal with more pleasant things than hard tackles and pass routes on match days and beyond. In Manning, the NFL loses one of its most popular athletes in the past two decades. In the future, his name will be in a row with the greats of their craft: with Terry Bradshaw, the quarterback of the 70s, with Joe Montana (80s), Troy Aikman (90s) and Brett Favre (2000s). Manning retires a living legend.

He was only now announcing the end of his career - out of respect for his teammates

Until recently, his sporting legacy was about as controversial as the political views of the staunch Republican who once publicly supported a certain George W. Bush. Manning's class was out of proportion to the number of championships he had won. With the success of the Denver Broncos in the recent Super Bowl, Manning's second NFL title after 2007, back then in the jersey of the Indianapolis Colts, he also removed this flaw. Or rather: let it clear out. Ironically, Denver won the final mainly thanks to an outstanding defense, the offensive artist Manning practically only managed the result.

Even so, he will be remembered mostly for that final title - and for his impeccable way of walking. Immediately after the final, Manning initially did not want to comment on the end of his career, although it was de facto decided. He did this out of respect for his teammates who really deserved the spotlight. Now Manning has spoken, after 18 NFL years it's over. It is a worthy end to a career for a player who will be absent in the future. Literally as well as figuratively.

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