Who is Richie Rich

Film comedy: "Richie Rich": TV date today - plot, actors, trailer

Tonight, "Richie Rich" will be on TV again. Here we reveal all the TV dates, the station, the actors and the plot of the film. At the end you can watch a trailer.

Date: What TV date does "Richie Rich" run?

Cable 1 has the air of "Richie Rich" for today Monday April 13, 2020, announced. The broadcast date is 8.15 p.m.

"Richie Rich": What is the plot of the film about?

The film "Richie Rich" is a film adaptation of the comic of the same name from Harvey Comics. It has a playing time of 87 minutes, the age rating of the FSK is six years.

Richie Rich is the underage son of multi-billionaire Richard Rich and his wife Regina Rich. The parents are missing after a plane crash. Due to the unbelievably huge fortune of his parents, son Richie lives in an almost obscene excess, but has practically no real friends. When he finally gets to know a few completely normal children, he soon needs their help: Dishonest and devious employees of his parents are reaching for the family's assets and even want to rob a legendary treasury, where they suspect the most expensive valuables.

Richie and the faithful servant Cadbury organize the defense. You will be supported by the children who have recently joined Richie Rich's circle of friends.

The parents are eventually saved and return. Shortly afterwards, some of those involved experience an astonishing surprise with regard to the treasury.

Cast of "Richie Rich": Which actors are in the cast?

The most prominent name on the cast list is likely to be "Claudia Schiffer" - she plays a small cameo role as an aerobics trainer. Child star Macaulay Culkin ("Kevin at home") was nominated for the 1995 negative award "Golden Raspberry" for his role as Richie Rich.

  • Macaulay Culkin: Richie Rich
  • Jonathan Hyde: Herbert Cadbury
  • Edward Herrmann: Richard Rich
  • Christine Ebersole: Regina Rich
  • John Larroquette: Lawrence Van Dough
  • Michael McShane: Professor Keenbean
  • Chelcie Ross: Ferguson
  • Mariangela Pino: Diane Pazinski
  • Stephi Lineburg: Gloria Pazinski
  • Claudia Schiffer: aerobic trainer


"Richie Rich": The trailer

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