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Scrum Master | Agile software development & Kanban | with passion and zest for life

Bring people together. Unleash talents. Support teams. Create great things.

In my previous life as a software developer, I was often annoyed about ineffectiveness. You're constantly busy, but the real work is left standing. That had to change and that's how my interest in agile development began - Scrum in particular.

With my newly acquired knowledge, I first supported my team and then started my own business. It is always exciting to see how teams can surpass themselves. I love to share my passion with others. When I decide on a project, I'm on fire and I manage to transfer this motivation to others.

The method is of secondary importance and has to fit the team in any case. In addition to Scrum, Kanban, for example, can also achieve amazing results.

If you decide to work with me, you get a strong colleague on board - and I can argue. I see it as my task to bring the team forward and to protect it against disruptive influences. This can make me uncomfortable, but of course I always stay civilized. In the end, the team, the management and I always pull together, find effective compromises and do an excellent job.