What is the Veterans First Program

Interreg V-A Italy-Austria 2014-2020

1a) Thematic focus

  • Expansion of research and innovation (R&I) infrastructure and capacity to develop R&I excellence.
  • Promotion of competence centers, especially those of European interest.

Specific goal
Strengthening research and innovation capacities through cross-border cooperation between research institutions.


  • Conception and implementation of cross-border measures for the exchange of knowledge to support multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research groups.
  • Exchange of experience between those involved in research and innovation (e.g. in conferences, studies and publications).
  • Use of cross-border “innovation brokers” who act as intermediaries between the various areas and have the necessary skills to transmit innovative content more quickly and thus optimize the entire activation, development and stabilization process of the research work.

Universities, research centers, competence centers, technical colleges and technical institutes, clusters of research and competence centers, technology and innovation parks, chambers of commerce, public institutions.

9,229,537.00 euros

1b) Thematic focus
Promote investment in R&I by strengthening cross-border cooperation between companies and research institutions.

Specific goals

  • Promote investment in R&I by strengthening cross-border cooperation between companies and research institutions
  • Improvement of the innovation base for companies in the program area


  • Development of systems for the production, characterization and control of the new generation of microchips ("smart health")
  • Promotion of the application of pre-commercial procurement (PCP) - tests, pilot measures and validation of pilot product lines, demonstrations of new technologies, etc. - through special PCP tenders
  • Improvement of the cooperation conditions between SMEs and R & I institutions, especially in the areas of sensor technology, wood & sustainable and innovative environmental technologies
  • Realization of IT platforms on the subject of security
  • Testing and valorization of renewable raw materials for the production of eco-compatible products (e.g. composite materials for the wood industry).
  • Development of an "entrepreneural ecosystem" to position the program area in the area of ​​business start-ups and start-ups, e.g. support in the development of business plans with the aim of joint reflection on the market-relevant side of the business model.
  • Development of joint projects and cross-border partnerships for testing and validating prototypes and for marketing new products or processes that are relevant from an ecological point of view.

Public institutions, companies (SMEs, GUs) individually or in groups, business associations, technology and innovation parks, competence centers, research centers, universities, non-university technical colleges, technical institutes, clusters (research centers and / or competence centers, production, technology and innovation centers), innovation intermediaries, chambers of commerce.

18,459,078.00 euros

Thematic focus
Preservation, protection, promotion and development of natural and cultural heritage

Specific goal
Protection and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage


  • Connection and upgrading of individual habitats through the creation of common biotope corridors with associated valorization
  • Near-natural water retention measures for streams but also regulation and protection measures for standing and flowing water in the border area
  • Increasing the variety of mountain products by evaluating the factors influencing the quality of local products
  • Creation of an origin and regional guarantee for regional and local products such as "Back to the origin" (quality designation)
  • Cross-border product and service development in the cycling, hiking and outdoor sectors
  • Museums on the Internet (networking of small museums in the immediate border area)
  • Development of touristic mobility concepts and touristic control systems through the integration of e-tourism platforms
  • Tourist offer development in health tourism through modern ICT solutions as well
  • Development of cross-border niche products such as for seniors as well as barrier-free tourism

Public institutions, universities, associations, cultural and educational institutions, environmental organizations, administrations of nature parks and nature reserves, SMEs, business-related and tourist organizations.

24,879,920.00 euros

Thematic focus
Improving the institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders and efficient public administration by promoting legal and administrative cooperation and cooperation between citizens and institutions.

Specific goal
Strengthening cross-border institutional cooperation in the central areas of the program area


  • Implementation of pilot measures and projects in the field of civil protection for coordination in mutual assistance in emergency situations (joint cross-border exercises)
  • Expansion of a network regarding glacier retreat as a basis for climate adaptation strategies
  • Joint planning (cross-border risk catalogs, scenario analyzes) or implementation of innovative measures to contain the risks of soil erosion (landslides or floods)
  • Development of a transnational traffic information system - development of interfaces to all relevant application groups: traffic modeling, information services for road users or operators of public transport in the Carinthia-FVG border area.
  • Harmonization of standards at regional and local level
  • Development of jointly defined models to facilitate entry into the world of work (introduction of bilingual curricula)
  • Implementation of cross-border pilot measures to improve quality and sustainability in the healthcare system, such as cross-border patient care
  • Joint awareness campaigns for young people in areas of social conflict
  • Development of common social support models for non-mobile people in peripheral regions such as support in the household, help with shopping, etc.

Public facilities

17,146,804.00 euros

Regional development at the local level (CLLD)

Thematic focus
Investments in the course of development strategies operated by the local population or CLLD approach (Community Led Local Development).

Specific goal
Promotion of integration and local ownership in the immediate border area through integrated cross-border strategies based on the CLLD approach


  • Cross-border timetable booklet in the Terra Raetica
  • Joint public relations work on the hiking trails around the Tribulaun or around the Nassfeld / Pramollo area
  • Joint language training in the primary school in the CLLD border area
  • CLLD management personnel costs
  • Studies for the creation and implementation of the development strategy
  • Raising awareness of the actors and public relations
  • Development of a cross-border offer in the area of ​​accessible tourism
  • Cooperation between museums on the subject of Swabian children
  • Development of common strategies for a better work-life balance (opening times of kindergartens - delivery and holding service)
  • Creation of a cross-border tourist umbrella brand such as "Geopark Carnic Alps"

LAGs and other beneficiaries compatible with the priority objective.

13,126,919.00 euros