Which tools are similar to LaTeX

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LaTeX is a software package for creating text documents. It is particularly suitable for very large documents and those that contain many (mathematical) formulas. LaTeX can be used on Windows as well as on Linux and without any problems. Most of the software required is free and open source.

It is not intuitive to use and is a bit like learning HTML.

LaTeX in the computer workrooms

The TeXmaker editor is available under Windows at the computer workstations in the RRZK. Like most other programs, you can find it via the Start menu. TeXmaker is linked to the LaTeX distribution MikTeX and is immediately ready for use.

First aid for LaTeX problems

The most extensive and active Internet forum on the subject of LaTeX is the English-language StackExchange-TeX forum. Numerous questions about LaTeX were discussed here.

German-language forums on this topic are much smaller. The platforms golatex and mrunix are often used here.

Literature to get you started

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