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A visit to the "famous" circus Busch Roland. I was horrified !At this famous circus, of all places, I would not have thought it possible. O

New: Supplement from June 25, 2003 below

18.06.2001 02:04

Once again I'm sitting here in front of my computer. It has become quiet. I only hear the monotonous whirring of the hard drive, which sounds somehow so sad today. My little cat sleeps next to me, and it gives off a friendly little coo every time I accidentally touch it. This silence. I feel endlessly abandoned and alone when I think back to the last few hours. It was just before 12 and my cigarettes ran out. I got on my old mokick and drove to the gas station to get another pack of glow sticks. My buddy, who was on the late shift there, was just closing the door when I arrived. He said that the cash register had an automatic lock so that he could no longer get it. I drove to a gas station in the city that was still open, bought my cigarettes and had that strange feeling again because I was a few hundred meters away from the place where there was a circus yesterday. I couldn't help but take this detour in the hope that I could say goodbye to the little tigers that I had visited the day before. Unfortunately I was late. I only saw a couple of spotlights illuminating the square and a couple of construction vehicles. The cage wagon was nowhere to be seen.

The day before I was there to take photos of the animals so that I could show them to you on my homepage. It all started when someone told me that a bigger circus was coming to town and showed me the newspaper picture with the tigers. So yesterday I drove with my camera to the said place, climbed through the barrier and saw an outdoor enclosure from afar and was already happy that this circus gave its wild animals at least a little space. The first thing I noticed was an elephant making these stereotypical movements, as you can always see when animals are behaviorally disturbed. I went on to a sideways truck that was parked in such a way that you couldn't see from the outside. Now I also saw the relatively small outdoor enclosure, in which only a few dogs were lying around. There was nothing to be seen of the tigers.

Now I came closer to the truck and saw a red rod with warning signs, which I left behind. And there he was.

That makes a good 25 square meters when everyone is in there, plus the area that can be folded out on the car. I only saw one of the tigers in the small, so-called exercise enclosure. The rest were locked up! On the far right of the box (green route) the 2 little tigers were locked again in a narrow box, the inner door of which was mostly closed that day. Just work out how much space there was for the two of them ... The whole cage consists of partitions that additionally restrict the animals so that normal movement is hardly possible!

A horrible cage wagon the likes of which I had never seen before. Maybe it was the length from 8-10 meters and was about 2.50m deep. There were quite a few tigers cooped up in the wagon, allegedly six of them. Apparently the animals had offspring and they had to go in because there was no other place. A mess, almost like a battery. This relatively small wagon was also divided into small cages from the inside so that the animals could just turn around their own axis. The animals were so mentally ill that they only perceived my presence as if stunned. They were constantly in motion, like a broken toy car that always goes in circles because a wheel is broken. The eyes glazed over, as if staring into another dimension. On the far right were two little tigers that were so young that they hadn't even trained all 6 incisors. These animals were also constantly turning in circles and looking right through me. Nothing of beauty and elegance, but desperate beings, degenerate into automatons with malfunctions. Animal children cursed to this existence, only that other children have their supposed fun. They cannot even know what is going on behind the scenes and only see the oh-so-funny animal training, the background of which is preferred to be kept secret. These sad creatures with their glassy eyes are briefly turned into puppets, only to be pushed back into a narrow storage room, where they have no choice but to flee to their desperate worlds.

It was with a heavy heart that I parted with this terrible place, knowing that I would not be able to help these beings. How I would have loved to take the little ones with me, so that at least I could put them in the lovely soft grass, where my little ones also feel so comfortable. How did the animals deserve that that they suffer so much. And how do I deserve to be human when I am repeatedly ashamed of my species.

I went there again that day to take more photos. Suddenly there was a tiny enclosure where at least a tiger was sadly making its rounds. A sad wire crate with a mini basin that contained a few drops of water. And what I found much worse, that there was a green area almost the size of a soccer field that was not used but was cordoned off from the circus. What a shame to penn up the animals if there was so much space for them ... Maybe it is not even wanted for the animals to find themselves again. Could the freedom of animals possibly ruin the training if they should start to think like normal beings ??? And I think again of last night, when I stood in the rain with my mokick and where I would have liked to say "goodbye" to the animals again. But wouldn't that have been a lie? Now I am sitting here at my computer and I feel so lonely.

How will the animals end up when they get a little bigger?

Will the circus buy a second cage wagon? I do not think so.

Will the animals be sold to another circus?

Do the animals come to any zoo? I do not think so. Who wants to see something so sad?

Will they perhaps have to die from a lethal injection or will they be sold to a hunting farm, where even sadistic hobby killers can attack these battered creatures?

Goodbye my little one. Hopefully it will look better for you in your life.

I wish you luck. . .

I would have wished you so much the green grass, which my little ones also like so much.



If I then hear something about species protection, I could go up the walls. Species protection? Animal welfare? But not for these animals! These are just commercially enslaved machines that have no rights. Our laws "take care" of that!

In between a letter to the editor that goes very well with the matter:

Do you have a cat? Yes ??? Okay, then let me give you an example
show: You take the lovely little house tiger and
lock him in his transport cage as if you were going to the vet.
Do you have? Well! And now ... let the kitten sit there and give
him his food and drink every day, all in this transport cage! What do you think is about to happen now? N / A? Is it already dawning on you?
Sure, the cat won't feel very good, will it? Well, that's about the life of a circus animal !!!!
Of course, it also gets exercise, but only for training with the
Animal trainer, fine, not ??? Oh, one last question: You’re okay
once met an elephant in the wild? Yes? Great!! And has that
Elefant sat on a stool at this meeting too
"Male" made ??? No??? Hmmm, now I wonder, can here
but something's not quite right when something like that from one
Circus elephants is required, and then with methods, well ... me
I prefer not to comment on this at first! But please do
a few thoughts about it, okay?
Ines, Germany, Thursday February 14, 2002

I wrote the following guest book entry in the guest book of the circus:

Name: Helmut Rentsch

Date: Monday, June 18, 2001 at 4:48:24 PM

Hi Guys. I really have nothing against a circus and even advertise another company on my website, but what I saw here at your last performance in Neumünster shocked me deeply. My goodness. How did you coop up your tigers in that cage there?
The poor animals are so disturbed that they are not even aware of it,
that I stood 20 cm in front of the cage. Man, you have such nice people that I just don't care
wants to make sense that nobody notices how broken the poor creatures are. If you were to explain to the children why these animals react so strangely, they would certainly no longer want to go to the circus. How I would have loved to have taken one of the little tigers with me and put it on the beautiful green grass. You had so much space in Neumünster that you could easily have built a large outdoor enclosure so that the animals could at least stretch their legs. Instead you had the little mini spouts that were almost always empty. Man, what a great thing a circus can be if it weren't for these hair-raising conditions with animal husbandry over and over again. At least do me a favor. Put some bars together and let the tigers out of this dreadful prison. Even a new cage cart really couldn't harm the animals. Have a look at your animals, if they are not just in the imagination of how they turn around in circles as if stunned and flee into a desperate world, because they have no other choice!

Helmut Rentsch, tiger friend.


If you feel like it, you can also write something in the circus guest book. It is time that there were other opinions in this guest book than just the ideal circus world. At some point it has to be noticed that there are also people who care about the animals, so that at least something changes in the keeping conditions. But please don't write any nasty entries in the guestbook! We would embarrass ourselves thoroughly as the opposite side and achieve the opposite effect!

The link there:


( * ) External link. When you close the new window, you will return to this page.

The relevant entries that were in the guest book, have been deleted! You can do this on the following website.The guest book was rebuilt in such a way that the entries were censored, so that free expression of opinion for animal lovers was prevented, although the circus initially wrote that it did not have to have a guilty conscience. In the meantime the guest book is open again from time to time, I don't know whether the entry will be checked beforehand. Just try it out. Keep writing to this circus so that people notice that we are not indifferent to the animals there, even if your text should not be published! It will definitely be read.

Here is the direct homepage. http://www.busch-roland.de/index.html* There you can also find out the dates of the tours, if you have something to say to the people or if you want to take a look around yourself. It would be nice if the circus management would react positively, move with the times and improve the animal husbandry. If you could tell me something positive, I would of course be very happy.

After that there was a row, by the way, which led to the fact that I stupidly received a forwarding of a comment that should have come from the circus management:

"But I can assure you that as a Christian I see the crown of creation in man and not in the animal. For me, humans and animals are not on the same level. Nevertheless, it is the duty of people to deal properly with the resources here on earth, including the animals. "


Doesn't this text say everything? After all, animals are resources such as a bottle of mineral water. Such a bottle can also be stuffed into a small container without thinking about whether it might harm your well-being. Such a bottle generally has no life of its own or feelings, does it?

What arrogance! How can one swear on the Bible and at the same time treat God's creatures so badly and then dare to classify them arbitrarily and call oneself the crown of creation?
Is it any wonder if the animals get off so badly when they are hired?

Eugen Drewermann, a well-known Catholic priest who is admired by many people and a great animal lover, sees it completely differently. He names the animals our companions. He would never call animals a resource and would dare to judge them, let alone stand up to them!This man knows what he's talking about!

The small piece of wood in the middle is supposed to represent the officially prescribed scratching post ...

Do you want to pray for these animals?

What a shame. The circus didn't even pay attention to where to put the so-called enclosure. What if this "thing" only has a pitiful bit of green and otherwise has to be on the street. Isn't it just an animal, isn't it? And then this oh-so-big children's paddling pool with dirty water. Hopefully the circus doesn't advertise it as well. Because of "lots of exercise with bathing opportunity"! Do you do something like that with a companion?

People are the devil on
Earth and the animals their tormented ones
Souls (Schopenhauer)



Addition 25.06.2003 from a visit to the "famous" circus Busch Roland. I was horrified!                   Is this your first time here? Then read the whole website right away

Apparently, not much has changed about this company. Everything seems to have stayed the same. As I learned from a visitor in 2002, the tigers are still the same misery as before. The dogs are in the large tiger enclosure, the tigers in their prison as usual. When it comes up, every now and then there is just one of the tigers in the small outdoor enclosure. I get to hear that over and over again.

Picture by Holger from Dortmund. © from 2003 The same sad dungeon as that 2 years ago. Now even the "bathing opportunity" has disappeared and that with this year's heat! No trace of the prescribed scratching post. Everything approved by German, officially recognized chairmen, the misery ignored by the visitors as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Would people react differently to treating their beloved pets like this?


The brutality has apparently increased, not only against the animals, but now also against animal lovers, as you can read here:

From Westfälische Rundschau No. 142 of June 23, 2003

Dispute at animal rights demonstration escalates.

Rough manners in the circus: charges against the trainer

(jüpo / elle) The rough world of wild animals exerts a special fascination on circus visitors. Animal rights activists who demonstrated in front of the Circus Busch-Roland had to find out on Saturday that circus people also had rough morals.

Holger Over returned home with a swollen face from the demo with which the animal welfare youth group "Die Bärenbande" had turned against the keeping of wild animals at "Busch-Roland". Over has filed a criminal complaint against a circus employee who allegedly punched him in the face. Another demonstrator was also assaulted. The powerful animal trainer strangled her on her necklace.

A small objection from me: You can certainly imagine how an animal trainer only has to deal with animals when he is already tackling people in this way. But we already know that.

Do you remember the Belli Circus? *

According to the animal rights activists, the dispute escalated when an attempt was made to discuss objectively with the trainer. Circus announcer Harals Ortlepp holds against it. The Busch-Roland employee intervened to protect animal rights activists who had threatened to free predators. The circus also reported charges, including trespassing.

Another small objection from me: I asked the animal rights activists how exactly it worked. I find it extremely strange that animal rights activists who have 9 children in the group should have released predators.It's really amazing what fairy tales circus people can think of. But that's nothing new to us either.

In addition, the animal rights activists would have needed a bolt cutter because the cages are secured with safety locks. (Very nice to see at the bottom right of the picture) You will hardly be able to open these things with your teeth.

If you like, dear Holger, you are welcome to take this picture with you to court. This is the original Busch Roland cage that I photographed myself at the time! In addition, circuses are legally obliged to secure their animals in such a way that they cannot be easily released.

Further in the text:

The Busch-Roland Circus had already turned against animal lovers with its guest performance at Friedensbaumplatz. The WR has received various indications that predators were treated extremely roughly on the premiere evening. The tiger tamer appeared aggressive and drunk when he hit an animal. In addition, animals clearly suffered from diarrhea. 


Indeed, diarrhea can be a sign of total stress, which any veterinarian will tell you. Very sad that our state allows such cruelty to animals so easily! How was that with the animal welfare in the constitution ???

"The whip was necessary"

Ortlepp commented on these allegations as follows: The tiger tamer was currently suffering from an injury and had performed the performance at his own request - taking painkillers. This could give the impression that the man was drunk. The use of the whip was necessary because there were quarrels among the animals. The trainer had to react.

Interjection: Probably ... - And tigers shouldn't shake so quickly, because otherwise their stripes could slip. Whoever believes it will be blissful.

The animal rights activists from the "bear gang" have also reacted. They distributed leaflets and asked visitors to only go to circuses without wild animals in the future.

End of text.

Do you know what to think about now?

To a letter from an animal lover in England who saw this page and wrote me the following:

It was in a small circus in the village. The ringmaster "tamed" a lion. A very old and very tired lion. The animal could hardly drag itself through the program, just wanted to lie down, but was called a "wild beast" by the "trainer" and was repeatedly beaten with the whip so that it did what it should. I couldn't do that
look and walked forward. When the lion lay down very close to the railing, I stretched out my hand and scratched the animal's neck and sparse mane.
Wow, did that cause an excitement ..... The ringmaster-trainer (very brave with a lion) just said, pull your hand back very slowly, otherwise it will be gone. The animal didn't even think of biting my hand off. On the contrary, when the one with the whip came closer he was hissed at, and he stretched his neck closer to me to scratch. Unfortunately, seconds later I was pulled back by the circus staff. Then I screamed pretty loud that what was happening was animal cruelty. The rest of the audience was calm at first, but then they were on my side. The performance was canceled. Then I only heard that the animal died a few weeks later.

Thank you Annemarie for this letter.

Ps. This is not intended to be a guide to cuddling with strange circus animals like lions and tigers. Sometimes the poor creatures hate all of humanity because they rightly associate all the torments they have to endure with the two-legged creatures. When an animal has become semi-insane, it can no longer distinguish between good and bad, just as humans can when treated in this way. We know something like that from various wars. At the moment we are waging a cowardly war against the animals, even if most of them don't seem to notice.


Here is a comment for you directly from the animal welfare page:

With the animal welfare youth group of the animal welfare association Dortmund we organized on June 21. a demo for the guest performance of the Circus Busch-Roland in Dortmund. We wanted to demonstrate against the keeping of wild animals with 9 children between 10 and 13 years and 2 adults. Before the demo started, we sought a conversation with the circus people. Although they already insulted us in advance, when we tried to film ourselves from afar with sayings, how do you ignore and prefer to fuck the pig there and therefore didn't exactly have our sympathies.

However, their arguments were then more than questionable. So they said when asked about species-appropriate animal welfare z. B. that man ultimately does not live in a species-appropriate manner and, as in the past, dwell in caves and similar nonsense. Shortly afterwards, however, the situation escalated. My animal welfare colleague dared to shake her head at another nonsensical statement by the elephant trainer Casselly. He then insulted her, suddenly grabbed her neck and pulled her halfway over the barrier. He choked her through her leather necklace until it tore. I tried to help my colleague, of course, but the elephant trainer Casselly immediately hit my fist in the face. We and our kids were shocked. We immediately left the scene with the group and alerted the police. This was followed by a criminal complaint and an attempt at a confrontation. The trainer was denied and the police could only
just find out the personal details. The only good thing was that a reporter from Rundschau had just come and had everything described in detail. Anyway, he wanted to write a report on the poor keeping of the animals. So he had seen himself at the previous day's performance that all tigers suffered from diarrhea and were mistreated in the performance.
A television team from WDR came a short time later and interviewed us about the incident. Later we had to go to the clinic to have our injuries recorded. My eye is pretty swollen shut, but I hope this incident will help other people avoid this circus in the future. If people are treated that way there, then I don't want to know how animals are treated.

Best wishes
Holger from Dortmund

www.tierschutzverein-dortmund.de *


A serious warning from me: Anyone who thinks they have to attack such animals with such means shouldn't be surprised if one day they'll take them apart. At some point the battery is overcharged and it crashes! The guilt is then guaranteed not to be found in the animals, even if they usually have to believe in it, because humans are simply too stupid to understand their feelings.

The fact is that a person who is bonded and tortured for life would act just like that just to get rid of his tormentor.

Here is a poem about this sad chapter, which unfortunately contains so much reality.

(In the Jardin des Plantes, Paris)

His gaze is from the passing of the bars
Got so tired that he can no longer hold anything.
It feels like there are a thousand sticks to him
And behind a thousand bars there is no world.

The smooth gait of supple, strong steps,
Who turns in the smallest of circles,
Is like a dance of strength around a center
In which there is a great will stunned.

Only sometimes does the pupil's curtain slide
Silently up. - Then take a look inside,
Passes through the limbs tense silence -
And stop being in the heart.

Rainer Maria Rilke


A saying from the deleted circus guest book that I liked very much!

I.Personally, I would also find it much funnier to see a clown jump through a ring of fire, or to see the tightrope walker trot around the ring before her performance. 

Thank you Mr. unknown.


Here is an email from an animal lover, which should actually make you think ...


Hello Helmut,
yes - I was already there (that's why I remembered the Rolls) ... sigh ...
and the poem - I learned that at school ... I've been doing it since then
not out of my head ...

When I was a kid I was crazy about circuses and have my parents and
Grandmas and grandpas beg to go - I loved it - the smell of the animals
and how beautiful they look ... I didn't care about the artists and they
Animals didn't have to do anything either - I just wanted to see and smell them.
When I was 12 or 13, a small circus hosted direct for a week
in front of our house (back then there was still space, today of course everything is
built up). I was very excited, but my parents didn't want to go in
(They were never very enthusiastic about it) and so I and them crept
Neighbors' children always around the wagons right after school, to at least
seeing the animals and getting the scent - for the first few days
Anyone could see everything everywhere ... and I also took the first one
was once aware of how animals have to live. They also had big cats - one
or two tigers, a black panther and a couple of lions ... they lay or
sat around in their little trolleys ... stared to themselves ... and
the look was so terribly blank ... there was nothing that caught her attention
could arouse, even though cats are quite curious. The cages
were also very dirty and smelled accordingly. I stood a couple of times
a few hours before, but no one moved except the tiger - this tiger
However, always ran along the bars - without interruption ... like a
Robot. I didn't like it and some adults probably didn't either -
I didn't notice exactly because I was just standing around in front of the animals,
but some people have complained about how the animals are kept. At the
The next day nobody was allowed to walk through the rows of cages and again
two days later the circus had already moved on in the morning.
I've never been to a circus since, though still when
I see the sign of a circus, in short this feeling of happiness from back then as
Child sprouts in me. Then I remember the cats and it
goes out ...
I wondered if the cats are so sad because
During the winter break they have nice, large enclosures where they can run and play
can, but only have the small cages when they are out and about
... but they probably don't even have that ...

Since this summer I have been letting my cats outside every now and then
run - of course only when I'm at home (beforehand with a cross-country leash -
I'm just too scared that they will be caught or poisoned) - it
makes me nervous, but they don't go far and come in every half hour
past me - with flashing eyes, purring happily - this sight is
Well worth a little fear. In the evening they sleep on me, very satisfied
and my friend - just beautiful.
I love my dog ​​and can no longer live without him
imagine, but my cats ... they are so soft, so comforting ...
they could (- meanwhile (they are now healthy and well fed) -)
get along without me ... but they come to me because I'm their friend ...

best regards
Laura (now dreaming of a cat-friendly world ...)

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Be careful with radicalism, even if you are angry:

I reject the use of force against circus companies because in my opinion this is not justified. Damage to property and the like do not advance animal welfare. Let the circus people beat up animal rights activists. This is a much better advertisement for animal welfare because it reveals the lawlessness that is mostly overlooked in animal husbandry.

H. Rentsch.