You can drink alcohol in Jakarta

Indonesia restricts sales of alcohol : Only in Bali is it still allowed to drink unhindered

Small shops in Indonesia will not be allowed to sell beer or other lightly alcoholic beverages in the future. A corresponding law came into force on Thursday in the country with the most Muslims in the world. The predominantly Hindu tourist island of Bali is exempt from the regulation.
The measure affects 55,000 retailers and 16,000 mini markets in the Southeast Asian country. The overwhelming majority of these have not yet sold strong alcohol. This requires special permits that are difficult to obtain.

Thai beer lovers are now dependent on supermarkets and shopping malls. Hotels, restaurants and bars are not affected by the ban. The Minister of Commerce, Rachmat Gobel, promised special provisions for Bali. Beer and other low-percentage alcoholic beverages should continue to be sold on the beaches.
Islamic parties meanwhile advocate a complete ban on alcohol. MEP Fahira Idris, founder of the National Anti-Alcohol Movement, described alcohol as the "killing machine of our youth". Earlier this week, religious parties advanced a law that would ban the production, sale and consumption of alcohol altogether. However, this has not yet been voted on.

In Indonesia, mass poisoning from adulterated alcohol is making headlines again and again. According to surveys, there is no major alcohol problem in the population. Critics suspect, however, that the country with 250 million inhabitants is becoming more conservative with a moderate Islam. (AFP / dpa)

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