How to cook steamed fresh tomatoes

Ideas and recipes for everything to do with tomatoes

I always have ideas with tomatoes because I love recipes with tomatoes

I always have fresh tomatoes in the house. It is certainly also due to the color. Red - the color of love and passion. For fear of not having tomatoes in the house, I always have too many and often have to cook my favorite dish tomato spaghetti - made from fresh real tomatoes. Boring? No - a revelation!

Only in winter, I have a problem. Winter greenhouse tomatoes usually have no character, taste bland, watery and have a disappointing taste. In winter I also use canned tomatoes - they always taste equally good to boring. I associate the sweet, spicy, seductive scent of a fresh tomato with summer and a sense of wellbeing - and that's why I buy fresh tomatoes even in winter, despite better knowledge. Sometimes I'm lucky and catch a winter tomato that has been allowed to lie in the sun somewhere for a long time and for a moment I feel like I'm on an Italian piazza while snacking, when the sweet yet hot flesh in my mouth bursts!

What goes with tomatoes

I would answer this question simply with EVERYTHING. This statement from someone like me, who says that she cannot live without tomatoes, is certainly transfigured. A fresh, ripened, perfect tomato that smells and is firm on the outside and juicy and sweet on the inside can stand alone - almost naked - for itself. But it reaches its full beauty and irresistibility by adding a few accessories:

  • Basil (very classic with tomatoes) - the sweet, peppery aroma harmonizes perfectly
  • Olives - the salty taste supports the sweetness of the tomatoes
  • Cheese - no matter what, always a great taste experience, especially with pickled half-dried tomatoes
  • Salt - a fresh tomato with a little chilli salt - enjoyment can be that simple!
  • Fish / meat / crustaceans
  • (almost) all types of vegetables and lettuce - I can only think of types of cabbage that I would intuitively not combine with tomatoes - red cabbage or, in other words, red cabbage with tomatoes - tastes weird in my mind. But I'll test it in winter.
  • and of course with pasta!

How can you prepare tomatoes?

Very diverse: raw, steamed, boiled, slowly baked, quickly baked, peeled or unpeeled, gratinated, chopped, mashed, blanched and then peeled, etc. - simply a grateful vegetable that just doesn't forgive the cold in the fridge.

Prepare tomatoes: raw - without make-up but with accessories ...

  • Sliced ​​as a classic with a milky buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil or homemade pesto, with fruity olive oil and dark crema di balsamico, fleur de sel and fresh pepper - a poem. By adding ripe, sliced ​​avocado between tomatoes and mozzarella, roasted pine nuts, olives and freshly sliced ​​spring onions, you can refine this great classic Italian standard dish in a sophisticated way.
  • The typical Mallorcan summer salad "Trampo" is made very, very small and with peppers and vegetable onions and parsley also cut very very small - as a starter with tuna on top or as a side dish e.g. for fish or meat.
  • as a companion to any salad composition that your fridge has. In the course of time, I will introduce many possible variations that will arise in my kitchen this summer or that I have been able to discover in others.
  • excruciatingly mashed in gazpacho - a cold vegetable soup originally from Spain, which can be made in many variations - also with lots of tomatoes!

Prepare tomatoes: cooked - as a solo artist or choir member ...

  • Tomato sugo - cooked for a really long time, such a sugo is not only food for the soul but also a wonderful basis for many other dishes (pizza / lasagna / Bolognese / puttanesca and much, much more ... more on that soon.
  • Tomatoes can also be turned into a wonderful pasta sauce very quickly - prepared in 10 minutes, homemade sauce beats (almost) any sauce you buy.
  • Tomato soup - e.g. if you just eat the sugo without pasta!
  • Fennel gently braised with tomatoes and mozzarella - with pasta or on its own!
  • Ratatouille
  • Sweet and sour tomato sauce with prawns with spaghetti or when Asia meets Italy
  • etc. ……….. more soon!

How do I season tomatoes?

I - always with salt and pepper! It is not news that tomatoes harmonize wonderfully with olive oil and basil as well as a good balsamic vinegar. Otherwise, the tomato is grateful and can be wonderfully combined with all the spices you feel like eating - oregano should not be missing on the classic pizza and tomatoes braised in the oven love thyme as an accompaniment.

Actually, I could stop now and hope that you too will start cooking tomatoes from today. Especially since tomatoes are said to be a miracle cure for cancer prevention. But since I know that my preference for tomato spaghetti can only be understood by someone who has already eaten a really great “sugo” (Italian for tomato sauce), I have to go into this topic a little deeper. Since a trip to the USA a few years ago, I have known that tomato sauce does not taste the same. USA and food - sounds like - hamburgers with fries. It wasn't that bad. In the big cities we ate very varied, good and inspiring (Cross Culture Kitchen). But when we went to admire the national parks, unfortunately all prejudices regarding American cuisine were served. After two weeks of fast food, we came to Carmel - a hotspot on the California coast. Famished, we reserved a table in the best Italian restaurant in town. My soul longed for “Spaghettini al Pomodoro” as a starter. I also hoped that such a simple dish would be fantastic in a good restaurant, as they can't afford to cook the absolute basics badly. Far from it, I got overcooked spaghetti with a sauce that was reminiscent of colored water and tasted of nothing. If I saved this mush in my brain as "Spaghetti al Pomodoro" - I would never eat this dish again.

Since then, it has been clear to me that anyone who can cook a good tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes can also master the rest of Italian cuisine. Why? Because this simple judgment shows whether one can indulge in simplicity. The German journalist and writer Johann Eesekiel said in 1872:

“The basic principle of fine cuisine is simplicity”.

How right the man is! All great chefs take this principle to heart. Simplicity does not mean tearing open a bag of sauce powder. At the tender age of four, my daughter had a traumatic experience on the outside of a tomato while having lunch with a friend. When my daughter came home she was not only hungry, but above all indignant: “Mommy, they made a really disgusting tomato sauce out of a bag of water. I'll never eat there again! "

Should my daughter come by, I recommend cooking the following sauce:

Tomato sauce - slow food in perfection!

Under "freshly blogged" I present many variations with tomatoes and report on successes and failures when cooking with tomatoes such as these:

Zucchini alla Arrabiata

So last week a great antipasti was created by chance. A pan with a leftover of slightly dried tomato sauce al arrabiata and two zucchini that must be cooked were a combination that I will add to my repertoire. The zucchini, washed and cut into small pieces, I simply seared briefly and spicy in the rest of the very spicy tomato sauce supplemented with a little oil and salt - served warm as a side dish to fish and meat dishes or cold as an antipasti - perfect!

Reduce tomato sugo - as a reserve

"Actually" very simple - if you have leftover sauce ... .. so always have some sugo in the house! This can be pre-cooked like jam during tomato season. Pour the sugo boiling hot into glasses rinsed with boiling water, close and let cool upside down (shelf life approx. 1 year).

There are now several wonderful tomato sauce recipes here on the blog:

Tomato sugo - here are my favorite recipes:

.... maybe the easiest sauce for pasta I know. So delicious that you'd prefer to eat them straight out of the pot without pasta. Curious about an irresistible pasta sauce recipe?

This sugo has to cook for a long time, the only way it tastes like a real sugo and not like a tomato sauce - both wonderful, but every now and then the soul needs to slow down and just real “Sugo al Pomodoro!” It can be used quietly in Italian kitchens for up to 7 hours simmer and spread its scent.

My other favorite pasta recipes - HERE

Here are some more delicious "ideas with tomatoes":


... a noble, unusual starter that tastes like summer. Curious?


... a dish for lazy cooks. Is that correct? Curious about a sophisticated fish dish that can be cooked quickly and is wonderfully suitable for an evening with guests?


With star chef Alain Ducasse, these homemade pickled tomatoes are always in the pantry - from now on, mine too. Curious why?