Hillary Clinton is interested in money

With a lot of money to power

The American election campaign is always quite "dirty" and much more populist than ours. It is therefore not surprising that Donald Trump has cited Angela Merkel as a "cautionary example" for a possible US President Hillary Clinton. It's not that far-fetched because many Americans are afraid of foreign infiltration and could well make this argument with them.

Trump is undoubtedly a bad racist, but I'm more interested in foreign policy aspects. While Clinton compared the Russian President Putin to Hitler and Merkel said, "Putin lives in his own world", Trump has repeatedly affirmed that he is interested in an amicable relationship with Putin, for example recognizing the Crimea as Russian.

In the US election campaign, money plays one of the most important roles, and the so-called "Clinton Foundation" of Hillary and Bill Clinton had around two billion dollars in the coffers before the election campaign began. Money from Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, African dictators and the US finance and armaments sector. While Bill Clinton started the illegal war against Yugoslavia, Hillary Clinton supported the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria.

If Hillary Clinton wins, Angela Merkel will stand for another election as Federal Chancellor and Putin could then face the most powerful women in the world in 2017: Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and the new British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Bernhard Moser