What is the best time to sleep

Sleep before midnight is best - but only for early risers

Sleep before midnight is best - many believe that. But that's not always true. A sleep researcher explains.

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Wake up rested: Basically, the first four hours of sleep are the most restful - because during this period the body gets a lot of deep sleep.

Is it really the healthiest sleep before midnight? No, says Prof. Ingo Fietze, head of the interdisciplinary sleep medicine center at the Charité in Berlin. Basically, the first four hours of sleep are the best and most relaxing, because this is the time you get the largest portion of deep sleep. Whether these hours are slept before or after midnight is less important.

It is best to fall asleep between 10 p.m. and midnight

Nevertheless, the connection between midnight and sleep is not entirely absurd: Because between 10 p.m. and midnight is the time window in which you can best fall asleep, explains the expert.

Regularity helps to fall asleep

In general, most people are awake for around 16 hours, then the body needs sleep, especially the brain. It is best to do it at least six hours, recommends Fietze. In addition, you should not sleep too little or significantly later than usual more than three times a week. Because regularity helps to fall asleep.

Rituals help you fall asleep

If you have problems with this, you should avoid bright lights, caffeinated drinks and intense exercise in the later evening. In addition, rituals like reading could help you fall asleep.

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