How can Silicon Valley be better

As a founder, you should know that about Silicon Valley

Current developments show a downward trend

The current developments in Silicon Valley show a slightly downward trend; on the one hand, because founders stand out because of the high costs and strong competition actively decide against Silicon Valley. On the other hand, it also leaves behind in Silicon Valley Corona crisis their traces. Even at large corporations, employees are increasingly switching to the home office and the large corporations are reacting to this with structural changes at their locations: less local, more digital. Smaller companies such as Palantir are even disappearing completely from Silicon Valley.

Occasionally, it is already speculated like the one triggered by the Corona crisis Emigration trend could develop: Comparisons with Detroit, once a dazzling automobile city and now what feels like a ghost town, are being stoked. It's too early for that. also a fact is hopeful: So far, Silicon Valley has had to reinvent itself several times ...

  • Audio frequency generators from the beginning of history lost their relevance
  • Silicon semiconductors followed as the most important industry, which gave Silicon Valley its name
  • after the semiconductors came the era of computers and software

Now another section of history could begin in which Silicon Valley reinvents itself. From this point of view, despite some challenges, it becomes interesting for start-ups from abroad. However, Berlin is currently attracting a lot of attention in Central Europe and is developing into a “Silicon Valley of Europe”. In this country, too, founders are given attractive cities to start up with.

A contribution by the external author Anja Klein.