There's a song called sunflower

Parish Association of Bütgenbach

Prepare: The individual responsible for the association receive sunflower seeds. A large sunflower with a fruit stand made of plasticine or glass putty is prepared on a wooden plate, in which the club president (or representative) attaches his SUNFLOWER LEAF. In addition, there are 16 sunflowers that are placed around.


Opening: organ music

Song: MUSIKVEREIN - 257.1 "Great God ...." (or 270 "Come here ..." or 462 "To you, oh God ...")

Introduction: P. In the name of the Father ... The Lord be with you ... (We sit down)

Welcome and introduction What would a VEREINSFEST be, what would this eighth club fair be without a large, colorful crowd of club members and fellow celebrants? It depends on everyone. That is why very many have received a sunflower seed ... The symbol of the sunflower should accompany us in this service.

Thought of penance Sometimes everyone still thinks of themselves when they come here. Or he sees the mistakes of others. That doesn't create a good atmosphere in which everyone feels worn. That is why we cry out with all our hearts:

L.1 - There are so many beautiful flowers in our world and so many wonderful human children. But we are often blind to your exuberant imagination.
Liedruf: Lord, have mercy ... 023

L.2 - Flowers thrive particularly well when they receive enough sun. But many people turn their backs on the sun of GOD.
Liedruf: Lord, have mercy ... 023

L.1 - Poets say: Anyone who looks children, flowers and stars in the eye becomes happy. But we often don't take the time to do it.
Liedruf: Lord, have mercy ... 023 - then ... absolution

Gloria: Children's choir St. Michael (or organ -070.1 "Brothers sings a song of joy ...")

Daily prayer God, you are our goal. It is easier for us to go there together. So let us be community communities and a village family that sticks together and gathers around the one center that holds us all together and without whom we would not be here today, namely Jesus Christ, your Son, our Lord and God, who ...

Preface: Church comes into being when we complement one another - in love for one another.
Reading from the 1st Peter’s letter. Dear sisters and brothers! Above all, hold fast to love for one another; for love covers up many sins. Serve one another as good stewards of the many grace of God; each with the gift he has received. Whoever speaks, speak with the words that God gives him; whoever serves, serve with the strength that God gives. So in everything God is glorified through Jesus Christ. His is the glory and the power for all eternity. (1 Petr 4, 8.10-11) or: Rom 12, 6-8 (also the following verses possible) We should help one another with the different gifts

or the following story: Why the sunflower can be a symbol for our club communities

L.2 - When the Lord God created heaven and earth, He took great pains with the flowers. They should look as beautiful as possible and not only shine in all colors, but also smell wonderful. From tiny seeds he made all kinds of species arise. He gave each seed the order to take on a special color and shape. This is how, for example, the bright red poppy, the proud mullein, the delicate forget-me-not, the prickly silver thistle and the wonderfully fragrant roses that lovers like to give. If I wanted to list all the flowers and their peculiarities, I would need my whole human life to do so; there are so many. People are amazed at this to this day. Because not even the famous King Solomon in all his splendor was dressed as beautifully as a single lily. That is why people can never get enough flowers. And they give them away to make others happy. Yes, some even speak to the flowers as if they were their own kind.

L. 1 - Now the story is told: When the good God had finished with all the flowers, a seed hid behind a large stone because it was ashamed of its appearance. It cried and complained: "I am not as beautiful as the other seeds. I look as if I am already moldy and rotten. What will become of me first?" And it sobbed to the mercy of God. Of course, God heard his weeping and complaining, even if it was hidden behind the thick stone. He said to him: "What do you have? Why are you crying?" The seed replied: "I find myself gray and ugly. Nothing clever can come of me." Then the good God said: "You have a gray skin, but a very good core and that is what counts. With you I have big plans: You should outgrow all the other flowers and become a huge bloom. From morning to evening you should look at the sun and become more like it every day. And your face will be adorned with a wreath of bright yellow petals. Many Animals and all people will be delighted when they see you; they will seek you out and look after you. " And so it happened: the bees and bumblebees, beetles and butterflies still fly every year from all directions to their blossoms and drink from their nectar. This is a hum and hum from early morning to late evening! And in autumn, well into winter, when the other summer flowers have long withered. also visit the birds to peck the pips. People call them sunflowers and like to sow them in their gardens, even in huge fields, because their kernels are so nutritious.

L.2 - If we think about this story, the sunflower can help us to better understand the meaning and purpose of our being together this evening, but also of our actions in the course of a year in our clubs.

Intermediate chant: Church choir "Singgemeinschaft" (or: GL 244,1.5: Come down ... (Shine light in this world) - GL 644: Sun of Justice)

Foreword: Just as the flower of a sunflower drinks its fill in the sun, so we should align ourselves with the "sun of justice".
Once Jesus said, and he is now saying it to us: "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not perish in the darkness, but will have the light of life!" Another time Jesus called out to the many people: "You are the light of the world. A city that is on a mountain cannot remain hidden. You don't light a light and put a vessel over it, you put it on top the candlestick - then it shines for everyone in the house. This is how your light should shine before people so that they can see your good works and praise your Father in heaven! " (Joh 8,12; Mt 5,14-16)

Sermon thoughts

  • 1. The sunflower aligns itself with the sun. After whom, according to what, do we orient our lives? For us, is FAITH the guideline for our lives and actions? Where do we orientate ourselves? What guides our activities in the association? Do I look at the sun or do I just see myself?
  • 2.- Do we look at the good in the other or do we only see the inadequacies, the faults in the other. This is how the good atmosphere in every community breaks down.
  • 3.- The kernels of a sunflower are aligned like a marvel in the "golden section" like a net. When I pull out a few seeds, the others sit more loosely: It is important that everyone sits firmly in his place and brings his gifts to the association and his parish. Everyone also counts when it comes to worship. If everyone only looks at themselves and only appears here when "they feel like it", when they have a "need", then the church would only be a "needy". No community can emerge from this. Many clubs suffer from this: If you only take part in club activities when you "feel like it", no club can exist. You can't just pick the raisins. What applies to associations also applies to the "God & Son" association, i.e. your church.
  • 4.- When a sunflower drops its head and it seems to be dying, then its most important time begins: the seeds ripen. To shed light on an extreme situation: some clubs often have to deal with bridging periods after their chairman or board member has left. That can mean crisis and challenge. Some clubs then experience an important period of maturity, they have to fall on their own feet and mobilize all their strength. A ripening period!
  • 5. Are we an open and hospitable association that attracts others and is inviting? The same applies to our Christian community? Are we a missionary and dynamic parish family ... or a dying parish? We are the only Bible still read outside. Our Christianity wins when everyone tries to blossom where they are.

The club presidents all come to the front and gather near the microphone and prepare there for their "mission".
(The club presidents have received the SUNFLOWER LEAF and a sunflower beforehand. - They come to the microphone in the given order, present their thoughts to the community, and attach sunflower seeds and flowers to the large sunflower. After every second statement (organ): Liedruf 031 "Where two or three ..." (only the FIRST part of the canon)
Pr .: A sunflower is not only a wonderful sight, it is also a beautiful symbol for us associations and for our Christian community.

1. Catholic rural youth (KLJ) All languages ​​name the sunflower after the sun because its flower resembles the sun. The sunflower always turns its flower head according to the position of the sun. Let us KLJ'ler always orient our lives according to the "sun of God".

2. St .. Michael bachelor association (JGV) As young people from J.G.V. we want to catch as many sun rays as possible. This is the only way we can become a little sun ourselves, where it was planted.

3. Football club (KFC) The large flower of the sunflower contains many small seeds in its dark fruit cluster. This is also the case in a club: only a large number of small "cores" form a large flower. Everyone is important. All the footballers together make up the whole picture of our K.F.C.

4. Parents' association The flowers and kernels of a sunflower are arranged like a net and offer each other support. In a school community, too, it is important that everyone participates freely and reliably in their place so that others do not fall out. We parents in the Parents' Association live for the school community, and that community must protect and sustain each individual.

5. Church choir "Singgemeinschaft" The seeds of a sunflower can be used in many ways and are very fertile. It is the content of the core that matters, not its external beauty. Our church choir "Singgemeinschaft" also lives from the fact that everyone brings something "into the core" and thus makes being together fruitful. Facades and the external fuss of individuals do not move forward.

6. St. Michael Children's Choir We children in the children's choir are perhaps more daisies than sunflowers. As children we bloom small and modest. But it is not a matter of blooming where and how God has placed us. Doesn't every club need humble, inconspicuous people who beautify our world on a small scale.

7. St. Michael Youth Choir Some "flowers" feel torn out because they cannot cope with hardship and suffering in the family or the surrounding area. Help us to give everyone a little bit of earth again.

8. Rural women group So many "flowers" in this world and in our village community leave their heads hanging. Give them new sap of life, which will lift them up and help them to blossom again.

9. Wandering Club "Peregrine Falcons" We Peregrine Falcons are in the same flower base of the sunflower with all other members of the association, regardless of which association. Help us to cherish and protect this same soil from which we all get our food.

10. Kgl. Gymnastics club Every sunflower also needs leaves. The flowers breathe through the leaves. For us club members, breathing means silence, calm and reflection so that we don't get lost in activities.

11. Kgl. Musikverein "Zur Alten Linde" Every flower is anchored and founded in the ground. We members of the Musikverein must also know that God is holding us back. Those who are founded in God can think positively, can say "yes" to themselves and to life, and can ultimately be a happy and optimistic person.

12. Christian Pensioners' Union When the sunflower lowers its head and the heavy grains pull it down, then its most important time comes: the grains ripen. In this way, we retirees from our Christian Seniors' Association can become more mature, especially in difficult times. Every challenge can continue and bear fruit.

13. Small animal breeding association When the birds quarrel over sunflower seeds in autumn, some grain is lost. But next year new sunflowers grow unexpectedly somewhere. So we also lose sight of some club members - perhaps due to misunderstandings. But it can take root and flourish elsewhere.

14. Ski club Let us accept each other in our clubs with our weaknesses and advantages. Help us to overcome strife and discord in our clubs and in our village community - and let us help.

15. Tourist association In every ripe sunflower seed there is the power of the whole flower. Whoever sticks the core in the earth experiences the miracle of a new blossom. So each and every one of us has the strength to work towards a better community. We carry this power into our village community.

16. Weltladen Let the powerful in state and society debate less, but act more energetically and convincingly. And let us - through our work in the world shop - help.

Gift song: St. Michael Youth Choir

Gift prayer Lord our God. Just as this bread is made from many grains and this wine is made from many grapes, so many individuals here become a community that is aligned with you. If we receive these gifts right away, then strengthen us in your love. We ask for that ...

Preface: We thank you, Heavenly Father, for your creation; The earth gives us the most diverse plants and fruits, including so many flowers. That is why we sing to you with joy with all angels and saints ...

Sanctus: GL 257.2 "Everything that can praise you ..."

PRAYER: WORDS OF CHANGE ... then: Liedruf: "In looking at your picture ...

Our Father: 040 We look like flowers to HEAVEN, to God and sing ...

Peace salute: we are all actually a mixed bag of club members. When everyone is ready to work together, there can be peace. The peace of the Lord ...

Lamb of God: Children's / Youth Choir or Organ - 020 "Lord, give us your peace ..."

Communion: Kgl. Music association "Zur Alten Linde" + church choir singing community + organ

Meditation after communion

  • L.1. - If we walk the path together in the name of Christ, strangers will become friends here.
  • L.2. - So that the burden of life becomes lighter, laughter more warmly and crying more comforting.
  • L.1. - So that we can support those who fall - and are supported in our falls ourselves.
  • L.2.- So that our joy becomes the joy of the other - and the joy of the other our joy.
  • L.1.- We are all in the one flower base of the sunflower - and we are heading for a common goal!
  • L.2.- If we walk the path together in the name of Christ, strangers become friends here.

Closing prayer Almighty God. All talk of community remains empty if we do not align with you. We kept our souls in your sun. Now all shadows can fall behind us: the anger, the prejudices, the inadequacies, our fear and our failure. Let's get to our goal with your son. We ask for that ...

Invitation to the MEMORIAL at the monument (with singing by the church choir) What we celebrated today has helped us to deepen the meaning of our club communities and wants to continue in club and village life. The deceased are also connected to us ... (see tree of life below in the parish church) .... Therefore we want to go to the war memorial after the closing song and blessing.

Words of thanks to all club communities

Closing song: MUSIKVEREIN + all: St. Michaelslied (2 stanzas)

At the war memorial: "Singgemeinschaft" church choir - memory of the deceased members of the association