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Victoria Arduino's Myth 1 is the first on demand grinder with Clima Pro technology. With more
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Victoria Arduino's Myth 1 is the first on demand grinder with Clima Pro technology. Equipped with a very quiet grinder made of special steel, this mill with intelligent temperature control works with incomparable precision and ensures an optimal grinding result over the long term. The coffee remains completely fresh for each grinding process in order to preserve the maximum variety of aromas of the coffee beans in the cup until the result.

Clima Pro Technology:

The Mythos 1 is equipped with the intelligent temperature control Clima Pro, which enables an incomparable constancy of the dispensed dose. The integrated temperature control keeps the temperatures in the grinder stable between 35 ° C and a maximum of 45 ° C - this temperature is not exceeded even in very intensive work phases. In this way, the consistency of the grinding result remains the same over the entire working day - completely independent of intensive or quiet work phases.

A mill for champions:

In cooperation with barista champions such as Colin Harmon, Gwilym Davies & James Hoffmann, Mythos 1 was developed in order to keep the grinding result precisely at the highest level over the long term. With the new approach, not just cooling the grinder, but heating it constantly, the temperature in the grinder is stabilized throughout the day, regardless of the intensity of the work phase, in order to get the maximum result from every grinding process.
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