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"Almighty Thanos. I, Loki, Prince of Asgard, Odin's son, rightful King of Jotunheim, god of jokes, hereby swear my immortal, eternal loyalty to you. "
- Attempted distraction in Avengers: Infinity WarLoki to Thanos



Loki Laufeyson is the adopted son of Odin. He is taken to Asgard by Odin after a battle against the army of the ice giants. As a god of practical jokes, he can create illusions to deceive his opponents. His birth father is the king of the ice giants, Laufey. He was born around 965.

Loki is an advisor to Thor, who is the new King of Asgard. His home is by the side of his brother and his people. Loki wants his brother's love, Asgardian recognition, and continued freedom.

History [edit | Edit source]

Thor [edit | Edit source]

Loki grows up in Asgard believing that he is Odin's son. In truth, Odin took the newborn Loki from Jotunheim with him to Asgard. When he saw Loki, he said that he was "small for the offspring of a giant". Odin also said that by raising an ice giant in Asgard, he might one day unite the two realms.

When Odin took the newborn Loki, who at that time still looked like a normal ice giant, in his arms, his appearance suddenly changed to that of an sir. Outwardly, Thor and Loki look strikingly dissimilar and their character natures also seem to be fundamentally different. Loki has been in the shadow of his strong and charismatic brother for as long as he can remember and finds it difficult to deal with it. In order to prevent Thor from being crowned king, he lets some ice giants into the treasury of Asgard on the day of his coronation, knowing full well that his brother will not leave such an attack unpunished and thus attract his father's wrath. Loki follows his brother into the world of the ice giant people when he decides to travel to Jotunheim on his own and learn how the frost giants came to Asgard in the first place. When he shows an unusual physical reaction to their attacks during a battle with the frost giants in Jotunheim, he is puzzled and he confronts Odin with it.

At Loki's urging, he admits that he took him with him from Jotunheim as a baby after winning a battle in order to guarantee a lasting peace between the two peoples. A dispute breaks out in which Loki accuses Odin of having always preferred Thor and that he could never tolerate a frost giant on the throne of Asgard, and the king falls asleep. Loki is hurt and angry. The new knowledge plunges him into an identity crisis and he focuses all his anger and frustration on Thor, whom he is even willing to kill in order to prevent his return to Asgard and to preserve his newfound power at any cost. Since Odin is in Odin's sleep and Thor is banished, Loki is crowned the new King of Asgard. When Thor's friends plead for Thor to return, the younger brother strictly refuses and demands that Thor stay on earth. He himself sneaks to earth, where he meets his older brother, who is in the custody of S.H.I.E.L.D, and lies to him by telling him that their father has died and that Thor must remain in exile because of the peace treaty with the ice giants. The grieving Thor thanks his brother for the news and says goodbye to him.

He now pays his birth father Laufey a visit to Jotunheim and promises him to smuggle him to Asgard so that he can kill Odin. But when Laufey threatens Odin, Loki kills him to prove to his adoptive father that he is the worthy son. When Thor in the meantime succeeds on earth in defeating the Destroyer that Loki has sent to earth to prevent Thor from returning and to return to Asgard, a fight breaks out between the two in the Bifröst, as Loki as proof of loyalty opposite Asgard wants to destroy all Jotunheim and the frost giants with the Bifröst, while Thor wants to prevent this. When Thor manages to crush his brother under his hammer, he destroys the Rainbow Bridge to protect the world of the ice giants. In the end, Loki deliberately lets himself fall into an abyss because he cannot bear the disappointment of his newly awakened adoptive father Odin.

Marvel's The Avengers Edit source]

Loki, still thirsting for a throne, has found a new destination: Earth! He wants to conquer them in order to finally give the "puny people" a ruler. He brings, among others, Hawkeye and Erik Selvig into his power after he comes to earth through a magical portal that is created by the Tesseract he awakens. On Nick Fury's appeal to Loki that his people would live in peace with his, Loki declares that he wants to rule the world in order to take the burden of freedom from people.

After S.H.I.E.L.D discovers the escaped Loki and his followers in Germany, Iron Man and Steve Rogers travel there to take the Asgardian prisoner. Thor's younger brother terrifies an assembled crowd and forces them to kneel in front of him, while Barton procures a metal nearby that Loki needs to create a portal and also to keep it stable, so that the Chitauri , an alien army allied with him, can come to earth. While Loki explains that he wants to help people leave freedom behind, he is challenged by Iron Man and Steve, who can defeat him together.

On the way to the helicarrier, Thor, who was sent to earth by Odin to bring Loki home, appears and takes his surprised brother with him to speak to him. Loki first laughs in Thor's face when he asks him about the tesseract that Loki and Clint sent to Erik Selvig in an unknown location. When Thor appeals to the common childhood and brotherhood, Loki hisses at him and describes his view of the common past and vehemently denies any family ties between himself and Odin. While Thor is challenged by Iron Man, Loki watches the two of them until they come to an agreement and transport Loki onto the helicarrier as a prisoner.

There he is locked in a cell, with Nick Fury saying to the other Avengers that Loki seems too relaxed for a prisoner. In fact, the prince is pursuing his own plans, as he intends to provoke the Avengers, unleash the Hulk and thus destroy the team, of which he already knows all the important details thanks to Barton. However, he can be outwitted by Natasha for a short time when he reminds her of her past and mocks her and apparently torments her with his words and accusations, but also reveals his plan. The triumph is not enough, however, as Clint attacks the ship and Loki is able to break free. He locks his brother in the cage and lets him fall to the ground.

Loki himself travels to New York, where Dr. Erik Selvig has meanwhile activated the tesseract on the Stark Tower, which is powered by the tower's energy source and forms a portal through the metal procured, which opens and remains in place. After Loki has a conversation with the first-to-arrive Tony Stark and announces that he will carry out his plan, the Battle of New York begins as the Avengers battle the Chitauri.

In a spectacular and breathtaking battle, the Avengers finally manage to banish the aliens and defeat Loki. He first fights with his brother Thor, who tries again to appeal to Loki's reason and promises him his help in ending the battle. Loki seems to be reminded of his love for Thor for a moment, but then he reverses his mind again and briefly defeats Thor while he escapes. In the ensuing fight, Loki skilfully interferes until he is attacked by the Hulk and beaten up. However, Tony Stark aka Iron Man is injured and barely escapes death in space. In the end, Loki is taken to Asgard by Thor to account for his actions.

Thor - The Dark Kingdom Edit source]

Loki no longer appears to be a villain. At least he has no way of showing it to anyone, because Loki is a prisoner in Asgard. At the beginning of the film, he speaks disrespectfully to his adoptive father, Odin, and doesn't seem to be afraid of him. Odin banishes him to his cell and tells him that he is only alive because of Frigga.

Frigga still takes loving care of Loki and has even had him set up a particularly beautiful cell with comfortable furniture. She also wants to get him new books whenever he wants to read. Loki himself still seems to have no understanding of his actions and is particularly bitter towards Thor and Odin. When the news of Frigga's death is brought to him, it becomes clear how much Loki really loved his adoptive mother by devastating his cell and completely neglecting his otherwise well-groomed self. He also apparently has no strength for poisonous remarks, which is why he lets a mirage appear, which Thor hisses poisonously when he tries to talk to him. Thor however notices this immediately and Loki then allows Thor to see him as he is: completely finished. Loki enters into a deal with his adoptive brother, but is still the old man and insists on teasing Thor a little with little taunts.

After a sensational escape from Asgard on board a Dark Elf combat glider, during which Loki makes sarcastic comments and is surprisingly pushed out of the combat glider by Thor and falls onto the actual small escape ship, Thor and Loki travel in the company of Jane Foster - the carrier of the ether - to Svartalfheim to call Malekith to fight. During a subsequent conversation between the brothers, Loki warns Thor of a relationship with Jane and a dispute ensues as to who is to blame for Loki's imprisonment. This creates a brotherly closeness between the two for the first time. But before the fight begins, Loki rams a dagger into his brother's stomach and knocks him down a crater. When Thor wants to call Mjölnir to him, Loki chops off his right hand and leaves him lying defenseless on the ground. Loki throws Jane at Malekith's feet and proposes an alliance to destroy Asgard once and for all. When Malekith extracts the Aether, Loki dissolves his illusion: The betrayal of Thor was a trick to destroy the Aether. This shoots a mighty lightning into it, but the ether proves to be indestructible and is absorbed by Malekith.

He and the Dark Elves are about to board their huge ship when Thor attacks them. Algrim throws one of his grenades when Loki pushes Jane out of range. He is almost sucked in until Thor pulls him away from it. Thor defends himself against Algrim, but he brutally knocks him down. Loki impales Algrim from behind and thinks he is victorious, but Algrim turns and pulls him into the blade. However, he does not notice that Loki has attached one of his own graviton grenades to the blade. This is ignited after a final mockery of Lokis, whereby the Kursed is destroyed. The price, however, was high: Loki is dying. Thor swears to tell Odin about Loki's actions, but Loki only says, "I didn't do it for him." And close your eyes.

After Thor returns to Asgard, the latter reports to his father about the events in the nine worlds and that they have been saved. Little does he know that Loki, believed dead, is sitting on the throne in the form of his father. Then Thor renounces the throne and leaves.

Thor: Day of Decision [edit | Edit source]

Loki has usurped power in Asgard during Thor's absence as he has assumed the form of his adoptive father. During his reign, however, he neglected relations with the neighboring kingdoms and wrote his own play about his alleged death, which made him the savior of Asgard himself. After Thor returns to Asgard, sees through the wrong game and threatens Loki with Mjolnir, Loki gives up the hoax and tells Thor, at his insistence, that he has banished Odin to earth.

On earth itself, the two have to discover that Odin can no longer be found, while Thor, to Loki's annoyance, is admired and photographed by fangirls. Shortly thereafter, Loki is sucked into a portal created by Stephen Strange, who sees Loki as a threat to Earth, but after a conversation with Thor helps Thor find his father and releases Loki.

After they find Odin and he dies, Hela appears. Loki tries to fight them first with Thor and then to flee through the Bifröst with Thor, but is thrown by Hela to Sakaar. There he befriends the grandmaster, which is why he does not help Thor escape when Thor arrives and also emphasizes that the two are merely adopted brothers. Later, however, Loki visits Thor in prison and offers him to overthrow the Grandmaster together with him and rule over Sakaar, whereby Thor's silence seems to violate him. He is angry about Loki's past misdeeds and does not want to team up with Loki. Loki watches Thor's fight against the Hulk. Since Loki doesn't have such a great past with the Hulk, he wants to leave, but is stopped by the Grandmaster. During the fight, it also occasionally appears like he's worried about Thor. When Thor is thrown left and right by Hulk (like Loki from Hulk in Avengers) during the fight, Thor jumps up and cheers, “This is how it feels!”, But sits down again when the Grandmaster stares at him, puzzled.

When Thor and the Hulk flee, the Valkyrie and Loki are accused, whereby Loki suspects the young warrior and fights her to get the truth out of her. She is able to defeat him and takes him prisoner to give him to Thor as a gift of reconciliation. Thor tells his two friends about childhood memories with Loki, which apparently does not leave Loki indifferent. After Loki hears about the plans of the newly founded Revengers, he offers his brother and his friends to give them the security codes for the Grandmaster's ships if they take him with them in return. During the subsequent joint escape, Loki initially does not want to speak to Thor, but then speaks to his brother, whereby he thinks he will stay on Sakaar after all. When Thor confesses his still strong feelings towards Loki, but realizes that they seem to have parted ways, Loki becomes sad and wistful. Thor really leaves him on Sakaar when Loki tries to betray Thor again. He makes it clear to him that life is characterized by growth and change and that Loki can be more than just the joke. Loki is accepted as leader by a group of escaped gladiators, flies with them to Asgard and fights for Thor there, while his ship is used as an escape ship for the people. When the two brothers are reunited, Loki revives Sutur in order to defeat Hela and destroy Asgard. In the end, the younger prince decides to return to his brother and stay with him, which makes both brothers visibly happy. He returns to earth with his people and the new king.

Avengers: Infinity War [edit | Edit source]

As the Sanctuary II attacks the people of Asgard, Loki saves his adoptive brother Thor's life by handing the tesseract over to the titan Thanos. He promises his brother that the sun will shine for them again. Thereupon both try to fight Thanos and his henchmen with the help of the Hulk, but they fail quickly. Loki then swore allegiance to Thanos (again) and it looks like Thor will switch sides again, but he deceives Thanos and tries to stab him. Thanos survives the attack and breaks Loki's neck, which is accompanied by Thor's pain. You can feel that Thor really loved his "brother", because the pain is written on his face. In the following events, Thor is clearly marked by the loss and is in mourning.

Personality [edit | Edit source]

Loki is a very cunning character who often acts to his advantage, being both friend and foe as he sees fit. The young prince is quite playful, he likes to play pranks on others and always has something to say about everything. Loki is a talkative Asgardian who loves to talk, with comments ranging from hilarious to biting. His moods make it difficult for those around him to trust Loki, because the young man can change his moods every minute and have fifty plans in one situation.Despite everything, Loki also has a bitter side, which emerges from the lies and treatment by his father and brother. Loki is a very sensitive man who reacts very strongly to his environment, especially to his brother, who is loved in spite of everything. The Asgardian has a deep soul because he thinks about a lot and has a special view of some things. Despite everything, Loki is also a humorous personality who keeps joking around and takes things a little easier. Even if his actions sometimes suggest otherwise, Loki longs for love and affection, especially those who are close to him. Loki is very curious and always wants to find out what is going on around him. In addition, his powers of observation allow him to see how the people around him are feeling and what they are thinking.

Loki likes to read, he likes books and seems to enjoy dealing with the written word. He also enjoys being in charge and making decisions. The young prince likes to play pranks on others and laugh at the reactions of others. At the end of the story, he likes to spend time with his brother again as the bond between them becomes stronger again. Loki also likes to do magic.

Quotes [edit | Edit source]

"I would say it's worth a look." (in Thor)
"This is my offer, you pathetic woman." (in Avengers)
"Oh dear, is she dead?" (Sarcastic in Thor 2)
"Because I'm the monster parents tell their kids about?" (in Thor)
"You must be very desperate when you ask me for help." (in Thor 2)
"There can be no quarrel between ants and boots." (in Avengers)

Ice giant:"Run home, little princess!" (to Thor)
Loki: "Stupid!" (in Thor)

Loki:"Kneel before me!"
Loki: "I said ... KNEE DOWN!"
Loki:"Isn't it easier that way? Isn't that your natural attitude? It is the unspoken truth that humanity demands submission. The dazzling allure of freedom diminishes your joie de vivre and brings bickering over power and identity. Your destiny is to be ruled." In the end, you will always kneel down. "
Passer-by: "Not in front of people like you."
Loki:"There is no one like me."
Passer-by:"There are always people like you."
Loki: "Look at this man! Let him serve as an example for you!" (in Avengers)

Loki: "I have an army. "
Tony: "We have a Hulk." (in Avengers)

Loki: "I am a god, you blunt creature. I will not let myself be tortured by ... "
(... Hulk thunders Loki several times on the ground ...)
Hulk: "Poor God." (in Avengers)

Final words (to Thanos): "You ... will never ... be a god. "(In Avengers: Infinity War)

Relationships [edit | Edit source]

Family: Thor

Thor [edit | Edit source]

Thor and Loki have a complex, unique, and special relationship. In the course of the films and their story, the two brothers become enemies, with Loki apparently neglecting his brother in his youth, which hurt him very much and it was difficult for him to always be in the shadow of his brother. Despite everything, Thor still means a lot to Loki and only he seems to succeed in provoking a kind of remorse in his brother for a short time. Thor still loves his little brother, even if he doesn't hesitate to protect the earth from him or accuse him of his actions. Of all people, Thor knows his brother best and knows exactly what makes him tick. Over time, the bond between the brothers strengthens again and it becomes clear that despite everything, they love each other very much. Ultimately, Thor succeeds in what no one else has and moves his brother to turn around and get back on the right path. It is important to Loki what Thor thinks of him and enjoys his affection, which leads him to stay with his brother, who is his home.

good acquaintances: Valkyrie, Bruce

Bruce [edit | Edit source]

Bruce is apparently one of the few Loki has feared or respected since the Hulk once beat him into the ground.

Acquaintances: Tony, Steve, Clint

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • In Norse mythology, Loki is the child of a giant and a goddess and thus an Ase who lives with the gods. However, he is not the adopted son of Odin, but his blood brother and once saved his life.
    • In Norse mythology, Loki turned into a mare and sired the eight-legged horse Sleipnir with the stallion Svadilfari, which he later gave to Odin. He is also the father of the Fenris Wolf, the Midgard Serpent and the goddess of the dead Hel, whom he fathered with the giantess Angrboda.
  • When Tom Hiddleston got his role as Loki, he screamed out loud with joy. He's also been a huge comic fan since then.
  • In Thor you can see Loki splitting in two before his illusion gets stuck on the bridge.
  • A scene was originally planned in which Laufey talks to Loki about his origins.
  • Tom Hiddleston confessed that Chris Hemsworth accidentally hit him on one scene.
  • In the third part of Thor, Loki wears the same armor as in the comics when he switches to the good side.
  • When Loki sits on the throne disguised as Odin, he sits there just as in the first film, when he is on the throne himself.
  • In the third film, it's Loki's job to become a better man forever. The relationship with his brother gives him support.
  • Loki briefly transforms into Captain America in Thor: The Dark Kingdom to annoy Thor.
  • Loki abandoned Odin on Earth to take power in Asgard. His spell was strong enough to hold Odin for several months.
  • Loki made his first comic book appearance in Venus # 6 in August 1949 (Golden Age), or in Journey into Mystery # 85 in October 1962 (Silver Age). His appearance in Golden Age was however declared null and void by a retcon, whereby today's comic Loki has its origin in Silver Age found.
  • Loki is apparently a shapeshifter who can transform into man and woman as well as a child.
  • In the first film, Loki says that he never wanted to rule, but always wanted to be equal to Thor.

Skills [edit | Edit source]

  • good melee fighter
  • can create illusions
  • can transform into other people
  • can manipulate others
  • above-average intelligence
  • rapid self-healing
  • ages more slowly than humans, 100 years is a year of human appearance
  • high force
  • high resistance
  • quick reflexes
  • immune to cold
  • high agility
  • can invade the memory of others
  • can make people forget things
  • incantation
  • telekinesis

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