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Hidden power guzzlers: how much power do sockets use?

Refrigerators, washing machines and stoves are considered to be big energy guzzlers in the household. Entertainment devices also contribute quite a bit to power consumption. Because even if you are not currently using chargers, game consoles or PC - as soon as they are plugged in, the sockets transmit electricity and the devices use energy unnecessarily.

Power sockets: How can you reduce hidden electricity costs?

A German three-person household consumes an average of 2,900 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. With an electricity price of around 30 cents per kWh on average, annual costs of 870 euros arise. Large household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and stoves consume around 50 percent of household electricity. But what do we need the rest of the electricity for? Entertainment deviceswhose power cables are plugged into sockets account for more than a quarter of electricity consumption. Because even if we don't use the devices - as long as they are plugged into the socket, the disc in the electricity meter turns. We will show you how you can save electricity costs.

Entertainment devices in power outlets: the little power guzzlers

In our households, routers form the gateway to the digital world. The devices ensure access to the Internet at all times. Even when you are not surfing the Internet, the router draws energy from your electrical outlet. The power consumption of the television is even greater. A distribution socket with a switch allows you to completely disconnect the television from the mains when you don't need it. This saves you electricity quickly and easily, because as long as the device is in Standby mode the power socket is forwarding power to the device.

The same goes for PC and game consoles. If you disconnect your devices from the mains using a switch, you save valuable energy. Use multiple plugs with switches for your entertainment devices and save electricity from your socket in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Chargers: The lavish junction keepers

Also connected to the power grid, but not currently used Charger consume energy. You can easily save energy by getting into the habit of disconnecting it from the mains. That means: As soon as the charging process is finished, not only pull the charging cable out of the smartphone, but also pull the charger out of the socket.

Electricity meters and meters for your sockets

Use a measuring device to get precise values ​​for your electricity consumption. Simply switch the ammeter between the socket and the power cord of the consuming device. This allows you to measure how much electricity is also in the device Standby mode consume. Project the electricity consumed in standby mode over the course of the year - the resulting electricity costs can amount to more than 100 euros. The ammeter also tells you how much electricity a consumer device actually consumes and whether the manufacturer's information is correct. You can buy an electricity meter for as little as ten euros.

Easily reduce power consumption with a wireless socket

With a radio-controlled socket you can reduce your energy consumption comfortably from the couch. The practical adapters are connected between the socket and the consumer device. Regardless of whether it is a Bluetooth or WLAN socket - the intelligent systems can reduce your power consumption. Because you can simply switch off a radio-controlled socket via smartphone or remote control and prevent unnecessary power consumption.

Save costs with WEB.DE electricity tariffs

If you follow these tips, you will reduce your electricity bills. In addition, changing your electricity provider can pay off.

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