Life is going well

What is the website about: Living well in Germany?

The federal government
talked to the people in Germany.
She asked people:
What is important for a good life?
The answers are now in a report.
You can find the report on this website.

The federal government wants
that it is the People in Germany are doing well.
People should
a good quality of life to have.

Quality Life quality means:
People are satisfied with their life.
And it works the people Well.

The Federal government got with people
about the Quality of life theme spoken.
She has the people in Germany asked :

  • What is them important?
  • What do you need for one good quality of life?

The interrogation took place in 2015 instead of:
from April to October.

Many people have to the questions
the federal government replied:

  • at events
  • on the Internet
  • on postcards

Through the answers, the federal government Experienced,
what things the people
for a good quality of life important are.
For example:

  • family
  • peace
  • a safe job
  • security
  • health
  • a healthy nature

From the answers the federal government has
one Report written.
The report is called:
Federal Government Report on Quality of Life.

You can find the report
on the website: Living well in Germany.

If you knowledge want,
what in that Report is available,
click on this link :
What does the federal government report say?

If you knowledge want,
like you the Use the internet site,
click on this link :
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