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Ken learned a lot japanese songs by heart.
There are also original episodes in the series japanese songs to listen.
There are also some original Japanese songs to be heard in the German version.

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She sang in japanese song for us.
One would have to go again japanese song write.
After the successful performance of their Japanese songs she decided to become a composer in 1921.
After the successful performance of her "Japanese Songs " In 1921, she decided to become a composer.
The young, still unknown japanese Soprano Aki Yamamura, together with her piano accompanist Matthias Gräff-Schestag, takes us into the world of Japanese songs.
The young, previously unknown Japanese soprano Aki Yamamura together with her piano accompanist Matthias Gräff-Schestag conjures us away to the world of Japanese songs.
In this work I wanted to say something: We'll sing japanese song, followed by a fast and accentuated dance that becomes completely disorganized in the frenzy of the party.
In this work I wanted to tell a utage: we sing a Japanese song, followed by a quick and accentuated dance, becoming, in the intoxication of the party, completely disorganized.
The second movement, sakura, is from the traditional one Japanese song Sakura inspires what "cherry blossom" means.
The second movement, Sakura, was inspired by a traditional Japanese song Sakura which means "cherry blossom".
The choir singers come from more than ten countries from all over the world and let this resonate - for example with one Japanese song.
The choir singers come from more than ten countries from all parts of the world, and also made this clear - for example with performing a Japanese song.
The band wears this traditional, classic Japanese songs however, by no means in a conventional style, but alienates the original material and thus merges japanese Folk music with the parameters of jazz and improvised music.
The band does not perform the traditional, classical Japanese songs In a conventional way, it would rather make the original material unfamiliar melting Japanese folk music with jazz and improvised music.
It was the first japanese song, which peaked in the United States and stayed on the Cashbox charts for four weeks and on the Billboard charts for three weeks.
It was the first Japanese song to reach the Number One position in the United States, spending four weeks in Cash Box and three weeks in Billboard.
Some of his paintings were made in the Japanese Anime elves song changed built into intro and outro.
Carl E. Schorske. "Gustav Klimt: Painting and the Crisis of the Liberal Ego" in Fin-de-Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture.
She also writes her own japanese Version of the Song Concrete Road via her hometown in West Tokyo.
She writes her own humorous Japanese version of the song, called "Concrete Road, "about her hometown in western Tokyo.
Karin Nakagawa has visited us in Stelvio several times. She also drinks our herbal tea in Japan. This time she has us picking the herbs japanese Tea pickersong sung.
On a few occasions Karin Nakagawa has visited us in Stelvio. She enjoys drinking our herbal teas in Japan, and during her visit she helped harvest our herbs with the beautiful accompaniment of a Japanese harvest song.
4 Songs on japanese Poetry (1959)
They had one song on Japanese with which they welcomed the guests.
They had written a song in Japanese with which they received the guests.
On Your Mark is a music video for one song of Japanese Duos Chage and Aska.
On Your Mark is a song by the Japanese rock duo Chage & Aska.
ギ ミ チ ョ コ !! , Gimi Choco !!) is a song the Japanese Metal band Babymetal, which is featured on their debut album of the same name.
(ギ ミ チ ョ コ !!, Gimi Choko !!) is a song by the Japanese heavy metal band Babymetal from their self-titled debut album.
Also the japanese dances Zavrzlama And Songs, my child, Songs and make music a nation.
So the Japanese is dancing 'Zavrzlama' And songs, my child, songs and music make a nation.
君 の 知 ら な い 物語, dt. "The story you don't know") is a J-Pop-song the Japanese Group Supercell, written by Ryo.
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