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Früh, F. (2020):
Do aquacultures solve the world food problem?
In: Geographie heute, 41st vol. H. 349., pp. 38-41.

Salmon farming in Chile, food security, overfishing of the world's oceans, aquaculture.
From grade 11

Morgeneyer, F. (2020):
Where should the wind turbine be built?
In: Geographie heute, 41st vol. H. 348., pp. 15-19.

Renewable energies, power generation and wind power in Germany, land use conflicts, location search
From grade 8

Heinicke, N., Rietveld, D. (2019):
The avocado - from superfood to polluter.
In: Praxis Geographie, 49th year, volume 7/8, pp. 54-58.

Living and doing business under the influence of different climates, globalization, use of space.
From grade 7.

Heuzeroth, J. (2019):
We take more than the sea can give. Discover the tragedy of the commons in a playful way
In: Praxis Geographie, 49th vol., Volume 4, pp.14-18

Overfishing of the seas, tragedy of the commons, sustainability, global food supply, industrialization of agriculture,
Secondary level II.

Coen, A., Wenz, H. (2019):
Russia's floating nuclear power plant. Mobile reactors on the world's oceans as an energy supply perspective?
In: Praxis Geographie, 49th vol., Volume 4, pp.24-29

The sea as a traffic and energy space, polar zone, spatial development processes, extraction of raw materials, sec. II

Kempf, D. (2019):
Swallowed up by climate change. The situation of the island state of Tuvalu and the reaction of New Zealand to it.
In: Praxis Geographie, 49th year, volume 2, pp.10-14

Climate change, migration, habitats and their endangerment, development, judgment

Landauer, M. & Wohlmuth, S. (2017):
Energy generation of the future - The tidal power station "Noca Scotia" (Canada).
In theback. Natural resources - methods and tasks. Edited by Barnikel, F. & Summesberger, H., Braunschweig, pp.100-107

Sustainability, climate change, renewable energies

Hoffman, K.W. (2015):
The complex learning task in geography lessons. Ways to activate pupils with didactically meaningful tasks.
In: Geographie akuell & Schule, vol. 37, H.216, pp.21-36

Fair trade, comparison of the Transfair seal, coffee trade, marketing by retail groups

Chmiel, A. (2016):
Rock am Ring fell into the water - festival cancellation as a coping strategy.
In: Praxis Geographie, volume 46, volume 12, pages 25-31

Coping strategies, storms, adventure tourism, festival tourism, spatial perception, spatial planning, change in use of space

Poppinga, H. (2016):
International shipping and environmental degradation.
In: Praxis Geographie, volume 46, volume 10, pp. 19-23

Globalization, economic geography, the marine ecosystem

Coen, A. & Wenz, H. (2015):
Tourism in Venice.
In: Praxis Geographie, volume 45, volume 11, pages 32-37

Tourism industry, globalization, sustainability

Stramm, D. & Paul, S. (2015):
Saarbrücken's new city center on the river - a must?
In: Praxis Geographie, Volume 45, volume 3, pages 24-29

Further development of the 2-dimensional square of values ​​to a 3-dimensional evaluation matrix, sustainable urban development, urban planning, structural change

Dillmann, J. (2013):
Fiji Water Export - Opportunity or Shame for the Fiji Islands?
In: Praxis Geographie, volume 43, volume 9, pages 14-18

ESD, sustainable use of resources, water resources, globalization, UN Millennium Development Goals

Basten, T. & Hoffmann, K.W. (2013):
Cape Verde - shaped by the Passat. A student and competence-oriented approach.
In: Praxis Geographie, Volume 43, Volume 7/8, pp. 44-50

Tropics, Passatz circulation, Cape Verde, the world in which we live

Franz, M. & Trebbin, A. (2012):
Supermarkets in India as a development opportunity. A question of perspective.
In: Praxis Geographie, volume 42, volume 9, pages 24-28

Food trade, small farmers, supply chains, liberalization of agro-food networks

Pohlen, P. & Rülicke, B. (2010):
Adventure tourism at the Nürburgring. Cooperative opinion analysis of a problem.
In: Praxis Geographie, volume 40, volume 12, pages 22-26

Regional tourism, economy, jobs, conflict of interests between ecology and economy