How do I choose a financial planner

Financial planner

The financial planner evaluates the sales of your selected checking accounts and credit cards, also with third-party banks and PayPal.

Total balance (account balance) and account selection

In the header area, the current totaled account balance of all your accounts and cards included in the financial analysis is shown. If you want to adjust the account selection, click on the pencil icon and then select your desired accounts. The selection is canceled the next time the financial planner is called up. You can permanently change your account selection via the settings of your financial planner in online banking in the Service area.

Period selection

You can use the period selection to display your income and expenses according to different periods. After your financial planner has been activated, your sales are initially analyzed retrospectively for up to 3 months. The longer you use the financial planner, the longer the period that you can evaluate retrospectively becomes.

Income / expenditure overview

In the income / expenditure overview, you can see all total income and all expenses in the selected period.

Income and expenses by category

In this overview, your expenses and income are automatically assigned to defined categories. If you select a category, all sales assigned to this category are displayed. If a turnover is not assigned to a category of your choice, you can adjust the category at any time using the pencil symbol directly next to the turnover.